Maybe you were looking for ways to make legitimate money online and then you came across Opera News Hub. You made enquiries about Opera news hub, and find out they were legit. Now you want to know how to become an Opera news creator.

Well, it is very easy to become an Opera news hub creator!

Unlike other payment platforms, Opera news hub don’t request for your school certificate to prove you’re a literate.

Opera news hub don’t ask for any money during registration. In fact to begin, you don’t need to provide any means of identification (ID card) which is hard to find some times.

The best part is they approve new creators very fast without asking for writing qualifications.

A lot of people are searching ‘how to become an opera news creator’ on Google Search engine.

Due to this, I have decided to compose an effective guide on how to become an opera news hub creator and make $500+ monthly.

What is Opera news hub creator?

An opera news hub creator is someone who create contents for opera news and opera mini. Note that opera news hub is different from an opera news hub creator.

If you are publishing articles or uploading videos for opera news, then you’re definitely an opera news hub creator.

There are two types of opera news creators in the hub; the verified and the unverified content creators.

Unfortunately for some publishers, only the verified content creators are getting payed monthly for their work.

Who are the verified and unverified creators?

The verified creators are the publishers who fully registered for the opera news hub program and agreed to their terms and conditions.

Verified creators get paid monthly for their published contents.

Unlike the verified creators, the unverified creators don’t get paid for their published content. This is because they didn’t register for the opera news hub program.

What is Opera news hub?

Opera news hub is an online platform where opera news creators write and publish stories, News and other informations online to earn money.

In other words, opera news hub is simply the platform for creating and sharing of contents to earn money.

Opera news hub was established in 2018 by opera mini owners. The platform was created solemnly to encourage writers around the world.

That being said, you can make money as a content creator in opera news hub!

I know a lot of people who are feeding their families with the money from opera news alone. You too can make a lot of money from opera news hub and become financially free.

What is Opera news?

Opera news is a news app that shares latest news, breaking stories, videos and other information worldwide.

Opera news was carved out from Opera mini browser to focus more on news and other stories happening around the world.

Furthermore, the contents published by Opera news hub creators automatically appears in Opera news and Opera mini for visitors to view. Although, creators are allowed to share their contents to other platforms.

How to become an Opera news hub creator

Like I said earlier, it is not hard to become an opera news hub creator. If you follow the effective guide below, you will easily become and Opera news creator, and start earning money from it in no time.

There are basically 5 things you need to do in other to become a registered Opera news hub creator

What are these things?

  • Get a laptop or phone
  • Choose a niche
  • Get an opay account
  • Register on Opera news hub
  • Publish first article

1. Get a laptop or phone

First, you need to own a good laptop or a phone if you want to become an opera news hub creator. According to other creators, laptop is more convenient for the job.

You can also make use of your phone too to write articles on opera news hub, but make sure it’s a smart phone.

I love making use of my iPhone to do online jobs most of the time. However I still agree to the fact that android phones are the best generally.

If I may say, iPhones tend to have shorter battery life when compared to android phones. That is why I’d advise you to get an android phone instead if you want to become an opera news hub creator.

2. Choose a niche

Your niche is the specific topic you will mostly write about in Opera news hub. Before you register to be part of the platform, you need to know exactly what you will be writing on.

Choose the niche you love, and make sure you know about that niche very well.

Typical niches (Topics) in Opera news include:

  • Fashion
  • Iifestyle
  • Technology
  • News
  • Relationship and parenting
  • Animals and pets
  • Business
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Celebrity and entertaining
  • Health

After you must have finished the registration, you’ll be asked by the platform to choose only one topic you’ll be writing about. If you did not decide before registering, you may end up choosing the wrong niche.

Don’t make the mistake others made. Choose your niche now!

Don’t wait till registration time, sit down and think of the niche you’d consistently write about without running out of idea.

3. Get an Opay account

Opay is an online payment platform and consumer hub for paying and receiving payments online. Consumers can also buy recharge cards and pay bills directly from Opay app.

The company in charge of Opera news hub, Opera news, and Opera mini also own Opay payment platform.

The reason you should get an opay account is because you’d be asked for your opay account number during registration into Opera news hub.

If your Opay account number is not provided during the registration process, you will not receive your hard earned money during payment time.

To avoid stories, register on Opay first to get your Opay account number before you proceed to registering on Opera news hub.

Note that Opera news hub platform does not allow any other bank account number other than Opay.

How to sign up for an Opay account?

If you already have a valid Opay account number, then proceed to register on opera news hub. But if you don’t have an Opay account, then follow the step below to get one.

– Go to google play store or Apple App Store and type ‘Opay’ on the search box

– Click on Opay payment(cash rain, airtime etc), download the app and install.

– Go back to your app section and open the Opay app.

– Click the sign up button at the bottom of the app.

You will be directed to a page where you’d provide your full name, email address and a referral code.

Congratulation, you successfully completed the registration of an Opay account.

Collect your account number from the Opay and proceed to Opera news hub.

4. Register on Opera news hub

How to sign up?

If you have succeeded in deciding your niche and getting an Opay account, the next thing would be to register on Opera news hub.

There are basically two steps you can use to register on the hub, which are;

Step 1: Through your browser

Step 2: Opera news app

Below is an effective guide on how to register and become an Opera news hub creator.

Step 1: Through the browser

-Go to your browser and type ‘Opera news hub’ on the search box and search. Click the first result that came up (from

Or you visit their website, on your browser.

-On their site, click either “Login with Google” button or “Login with Facebook” button.

If you click the Google button, then you’d have to select your active email address.

If you click the facebook button, you will be redirected to facebook. Log in to your facebook account to connect to opera news.

-After logging in, go back to continue registering on opera news hub.

Fill in your username, other names.

Add your Opay account number that you created (very necessary)

Add your National Identification number (it is not necessary. If you don’t have it, you can leave that space blank)

Add referral code (optional). Add a picture and create your account!

Step 2: Opera news app

-Download the Opera news app from your phone’s App Store and install.

Open the app and click Me or Profile at the extreme end of the app.

Click on the become a creator button and register your details.

Remember to add your Opay account number.

After all that, you can then create the account. That is all!

5. Publish your first article

After the successful registration on Opera news hub, you’re expected by the hub to publish an article as soon as possible.

After publishing your first article, the article will be tested online.

Note that your first article will pend for a long time before being published for the world to see. It usually takes about 5-8 hours for your article to go live on opera news.

Again, for your article not to get rejected on Opera news hub, there are some things you should avoid doing when composing your article.

What are those things that can make Opera news reject my article?

Well, there are several things that can make Opera news hub to reject your article.

Why is opera news hub rejecting your articles? Here are the eight reasons that can make Opera news to reject your article.

  • If you publish a copyright infringement material (photo, article)
  • Grammatical errors
  • Plagiarism
  • Exergerated content
  • adult content
  • Going against national law
  • Misleading content
  • False news

Before you publish an article, take note of all the things listed above. Make sure you don’t have them on your article.

Follow the rules and regulations of the hub and your contents will not be rejected.

How to post an article on Opera news hub?

First, make sure you’ve registered on the Opera news hub platform.

If you’re already a registered member of the platform, follow the below example to publish an article on opera news;

– Sign in to your Opera news hub account.

– On your dashboard, click the create icon at the top left corner.

– Add a title to your article at the top heading of the page.

– Then write your article at the description side.

– You can also add photos to your article, and a links if you want.

– Choose your thumbnails ( the picture users see when they come across your article).

review the article to know how it looks like at the button of the page, and submit.

That’s all. After some minutes, your article will be live on opera news and opera mini.

How to earn $500+ monthly on opera news hub

As a pro writer, I earn above $500 on Opera news hub, so you too can. I know someone who earned more than ₦500,000($1000) on Opera news hub in one month alone.

To earn $500 on Opera news hub isn’t that hard. What you need to make that amount, is nothing but focus and consistency.

Opera news hub pays you ₦9000 For for every 230,000 valid clicks from your articles.

9000 Nigerian naira is equivalent to $18. That means you get $18 for your 230,000 clicks.

To make $500+ monthly, you need to generate 230,000 valid clicks everyday for 30 days. Let’s calculate!

230,000 clicks = $18 (₦9000)

230,000 X 30 days = 6,900,000 clicks

$18 X 30 days = $540

6,900,000 clicks = $540 (₦270,000)

The above calculation clearly shows that you need 6,900,000 clicks to earn $500+ on Opera news hub.

How to get more clicks on Opera news hub?

To get many clicks on Opera news hub is not as difficult as you may think. In Opera news hub, you can get over 10,000,000 clicks and more in a month.

You don’t need to worry about where to get traffic or audience in Opera news hub.

The news hub let you have influence, opportunities, and access from over 350 million dedicated Opera users. In other words, 350 million users are already there waiting for your contents.

If you want to have more clicks on Opera news hub and make $500 plus, then do the things below.

  • Write catchy titles
  • Use attractive thumbnails
  • Create contents your users want
  • Make your title short and simple
  • Write trending news

If you can do these five things, you will surely get more clicks on Opera news hub.

Pros and cons of Opera news hub


Opera news is easy start. You don’t need to have any writing skill to excel in Opera news hub.

Opera news don’t ask you for any money for registration or maintenance. Rather, they pay you!

You have access to over 350 million Opera users.


You need to write as many articles as possible.

Opera news hub can be stressful sometimes.

Too much rejection of contents in the hub.

You can be banned from the platform at any time.

Between Opera news hub and blogging which is better?

It all depends! If you’re new in the writing business and want to make money as fast as possible, go for Opera news hub. If you have writing skills and want to create a career from it, then go for blogging.

Blogging gives you full ownership, and you can make more money from your blog than Opera news hub in the long run.

Conclusion: Is Opera news still paying?

Is Opera news still paying? Yes of course, Opera news hub is still paying. In fact, they have improved in their mode of payment.

If you’re an Opera news hub creator or about to become a creator, consider to create a blog also.

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  1. I find it hard to become creator in opera news. After filling my username ,category and biography. If keep on loading.
    I don’t know what else to do

    1. @Nzubechukwu Nzube, sorry for the inconvenience it may have cost you.

      By the way, a lot of my clients have encountered such issues. Here’s how you can resolve this:
      – To open an Opera news hub account without issue, try to use chrome browser.
      – Do not use opera mini to open account
      – use a fresh email or phone number for creating a new account
      – don’t use same opay account number

      If you can do all these, then you can create an account without any issue

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