A lot of creators are battling with low clicks and impression on Opera News Hub. In fact, writers are living the hub daily due to low click frustration. Fortunately for me, I get between 100k to 200k clicks daily on Opera News Hub, and I will tell you the tricks I use everyday.

Creating an Opera News Hub account and writing contents are very simple, but to get more clicks on your contents is the greatest challenge for most Opera News Hub Creators.

To make money on Opera News Hub, you need to get more clicks and more reading time. Without those two things, your articles are valueless and your earnings will be low.

Opera News Hub will pay you ₦0.36 for 1 click. You should also know how much Opera News Hub pay per click in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria. So you need clicks if you want to make big money from Opera News.

Opera News Hub already has huge audience, so you don’t need to look for clicks elsewhere. You can make over 100,000 click to 500,000 clicks daily on Opera News Hub. All you have to do is to use the necessary tricks and strategies and you will surely get more clicks.

I get over 200k clicks on Opera News Hub daily without going through much stress. You too can get more clicks on Opera News Hub if only you know how simple it is.

Below are the tricks I use to get more than 200,000 clicks daily on Opera News Hub.

1. Choose a good niche

The niche you choose can also affect your article performance. Your niche is the topic category you always write about. It could be entertainment, fashion or tech. Some niches are performing well, while some are not.

It is your duty to look for a good niche a lot of Opera News users are interested in. If you are writing articles that are related to tech, technology or education, then you may get fewer clicks, because most Africans don’t like niches like that.

Most user making use of Opera News are Africans. So find a good niche that most Africans can’t resist.

Best niche on opera news hub?

  • Relationship
  • Celebrity and entertainment
  • Politics
  • Finance
  • Religion
  • Health
  • Fashion

2. Use catchy thumbnails

The first thing that will catch the eyes of Opera News Audience when they scroll reach your article, is the picture you used as your thumbnail to describe your article. Never underestimate the power of thumbnails.

If the thumbnail of your content is attractive and catchy, then you will surely get more clicks. Users may want to take a close look at the picture and end up clicking on your article. Isn’t that trickish?

3. Use captivating headlines

Your thumbnail can make users to stop and take a glance at your article, but your headline is what will make them conclude whether to click on your article or not.

Don’t just write your headlines the way you feel like, construct them in the way it will look pleasing in the eyes of your audience. Remember that your headline is the topic users will see first before clicking.

For example, instead of putting your headline like this “Just In: Wizkid Just Bought A Benz For ₦50,000,000” try to make it to be like this “Wizkid Just Bought A New Car, You Won’t Believe The price” with this, users will be curious and would want to know more about your article.

How to write captivating headlines on Opera News Hub

  • Make your headlines catchy
  • Don’t reveal all your points on the headline
  • Use a headlines that will fill Opera users with curiousity.
  • Make your headlines interesting

4. Write Articles on trending topics

You want to get more clicks on Opera News Hub? Then you should consider writing trending hot topics. When I say trending topics, I mean topics everyone is talking about.

Look around you or check social networks to find out topics that are making waves in your country. Login to your Opera News Hub account and write an article that is similar to the trending topics. If you don’t have an account, the learn how to create an Opera News Hub Account. That is how I gets more clicks on Opera News Hub.

Where to find trending topic to write on Opera News Hub

  • Nairaland.com – Best to get local trending topics.
  • Facebook – Best for latest trending topics.
  • Twitter – Where to get viral topics.
  • Quora.com – best for long lasting topics.
  • Google Trends – best for general trending topics.

5. Avoid copy and paste

The Opera News Hub Academy has warned content creators in the hub that articles that were copied and pasted will be denied reach and impression.

There is no way you can more clicks on Opera news hub of your reach and impression are limited on the platforms.

To avoid such nemesis, I started writing articles in my own way and understanding. Guess what? It worked for me, and I started getting more clicks. I was also promoted to be among the 2.0 writers.

Save yourself the stress by not copying and pasting articles that do not belong to you, and your clicks will be increased.

6. Write quality articles

Quality articles are the new oil well, and it can also take you to places you can’t imagine. It can also promote your from a 1.0 writer to a 2.0 writer.

Contents with quality can help boost your reach and impression further, which will result to increase in clicks and followers. In other words, you will get more clicks on Opera News Hub if you write quality contents.

7. Make your headline to be unique and different from others

Opera News Hub AI technology always increase my reach and impression whenever I twist my trending topic to look different from others writing same thing with me.

You’re not the only one writing a trending topic and so, in other to stand out, you need to twist the trending headline to look and sound unique.

For example, when the late Prophet TB Joshua died, a lot of Opera News Hub Creators were only announcing his death. Something like; “Just In: TB Joshua Is Dead”, but smart content creators used something like; “Exposed: 5 Things That Probably Killed Prophet TB Joshua.”

8. Post mostly in the night and early morning

You can post anytime, but if you want to get more clicks on Opera News Hub, there are some specific time and days you have to publish your articles.

When is the best time to post articles on Opera News hub?

The best time to post articles on Opera News Hub is in the night from 9pm and above. You can also post early in the morning, between 6am and 8am. I usually post in the mid night and early morning so that, my articles will be approved quickly and distributed to more Opera users.

According to Opera News Hub analysis, most content creators don’t post articles at mid-night and early morning. Because of this, the AI system will have little to no pending articles to approve.

When you post within that period of time, your article will be published instantly for distribution.

Further more, most Opera users mostly use the Opera apps in the morning and at night. If you use this method, your article will be the first to be distributed to the major Opera users, which will result to more clicks.

The best days to post on Opera News Hub are Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You will get more clicks on Opera news hub when your articles are published in the days above.

9. Get more followers

Your followers are your fans who love your articles. Your articles will be distributed to your Opera News Hub followers first before any other users. That is the major reason you need more followers.

Followers will give you ground and clicks that you want. Fortunately, getting followers is easy as ABC.

How to get more followers on Opera News Hub

  • Post on trending topics
  • Make your articles interesting
  • Write unique and quality contents
  • Post articles regularly

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