Today, I will be discussing about Toloka app review and how you can earn over $30 on the money earning app. I have been earning a lot of money from this app, and I’ll like to share with you the tricks I used to achieve that.

There are a lot of things I would like to discuss about this app. From what Toloka Yandex means to what it is all about, review and how to make money on the app.

Toloka app is an amazing app. This app is not like Opera News Hub where you write contents to earn money. You will earn money by doing simple task or taking surveys on the Toloka app.

Seriously, I earn over $30 dollars daily taking surveys and answering simple questions on Toloka app.

On this content, I will reveal the secret I used in making such amount on Toloka app.

What is Toloka app about?

Toloka is an online platform where you get paid to do and complete short tasks. The Jobs on the Toloka app are short and simple. That is why more people make use of the app. If Toloka doesn’t work for you, then you can give Premise app a try.

You can earn over $0.50 on a simple task. Although, there are some task that are not up to $0.50. Sometimes, it could be $0.04, $0.10 or even $0.20 depending on how difficult or simple the task can be.

How Toloka app works is very simple, complete a short task and get paid. As you complete more tasks, you get paid more money.

Some tasks are more difficult than the others, that is why the tasks prices varies. For me, I usually do the difficult ones so that my earnings will come up.

Toloka app review. Is the app genuine?

Toloka app is absolutely a genuine and legitimate platform where you can easily earn money daily. Personally, I earn $30 daily on Toloka app, so the app is real and not fake.

However, there are some issues on the Toloka app that really affects the the credibility of the platform.

Below are the issues on the Toloka app base on the reviews from Play Store and App Store;

  1. Registering issues: Some interested users experience difficulties in signing up on Toloka. However, this issue can be resolved by contacting Toloka Yandex team.
  2. Withdrawing issues: If you ever experience difficulty in withdrawing the money you earned, do not panic. Kindly visit Yandex and the issue will be resolved.
  3. OTP problem: Toloka app deals with OTP. In case the app sends an OTP to you, but you find it difficult to 9000pget it, contact
  4. Small amount for task: People do complain about the peanut they earn after completing a task. But like I said earlier, the cost of a task depends on the difficulty of the task. If you go for a simple task, then expect small earnings.

How Yandex Toloka works

Yandex Toloka works in a simple way. If you complete a task, you get paid for it. If your task is very simple, you will be paid little. But if you choose a complex task that consumes more time, you will be paid well.

With the Toloka app, you can never go wrong. All the available tasks are clearly listed on the app. The amounts you will earn when you complete each task are also attached on the app.

How to earn over $30 on Toloka app daily

Here are the tricks I use to make $30 daily on Toloka app;

  1. Go to play store, download and install Toloka: Earn online
  2. After installing the app, sign up for an account
  3. Take time to study the tasks on the app
  4. Evaluate the high paying tasks (that pays from $0.20 up to $2)
  5. Choose the high paying tasks you can complete
  6. Do over 35 tasks daily and complete them

Toloka tasks

Here are all the tasks on the Toloka app;

1. Find typos in text – $0.02

2. Look at pictures and decide if there are people in them – $0.04

3. Labeling typos – $0.20

4. Entrances to organizations – $0.30

5. Update informations about organizations – $0.30

6. Take videos from your phone camera and upload – $0.30

7. Image appear in Google Search results – $0.50

8. Update information about organizations – $2.50

Minimum withdrawal from Toloka Yandex

The minimum withdrawal from Toloka Yandex App is $10, while the maximum amount is unlimited.

Toloka Yandex earnings proof

Below is my earnings for just a day so far.

Toloka app earning proof

How to withdraw on Toloka app

Your Toloka earnings can only be calculated in US dollars. Actually, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a US bank account. You can use an online digital banking app such as PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill or Papara to withdraw to your local bank account.

Who owns Toloka?

The Toloka app is owned and managed by the Yandex Services AG. This app was released on November 29, 2017.

Which country is eligible on Toloka Yandex

Toloka Yandex App is available for all countries including Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, USA and Ukraine. You can use this app anywhere in the world.

Toloka app sign up | how to create a Toloka account

  • Download and install the Toloka app
  • Open the app and click sign up
  • Fill in your name and email
  • A unique OTP code will be sent to your email address
  • Copy the OTP code and place on the app as instructed
  • Start earning!
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