On this content, I will be discussing about a popular money making platform, Premise app. Premise app is no doubt one of the biggest apps that rewards users for taking and completing tasks and surveys.

Premise app is an online platform to earn small amount of money daily by completing tasks, taking surveys, taking photos and sharing opinions. There are a lot of things you can do on the app. You just have to pick the ones you can do.

Let me also inform you that Premise app is not a get rich quick scheme. Due to the app complexities and lack of daily tasks, you can only earn little, like $50 or below monthly. However, there are some tricks that can make you earn higher.

This app was released on 24 of February, 2017 and it has gained over 5,000,000 downloads. This means a lot of people are making use of this app to earn real money daily.

Earn over $150 on Premise app with these 5 simple tricks below.

1. Download the Premise app

The first thing you should do is to download the Premise app on Play Store. Using Premise app is far better than using its website. The app is easy to navigate and it has an improved user experience.

Premise app informations

Version –

Downloads – 5,000,000+ downloads

Download size – 22.95 MB

Premise app latest update – December 15, 2021

Offered by – Premise group

Released on – February 23, 2017

How to download Premise app for PC

  • Go to the search Tab on your PC, type and select Microsoft Store
  • Open the Microsoft site. On the search box, type ‘Premise app’
  • Select Premise, and then select get app

How to download Premise app for IOS

  • Open the IOS App Store
  • On the search Tab, type ‘Premise app’
  • Make sure you select the right Premise app
  • Then click the download botton

How to use Premise app

  • Open the Premise app
  • Sign up/register an account
  • Then click ‘My task’ at the buttom of the app
  • Select the task you can complete
  • Complete the task and get your reward

2. Study all tasks on the app and their rewards

After downloading and installing the app, the next step is to check all the available tasks and study them.

Honestly, there are some tasks on the Premise app you should avoid, and there are some tasks you should always pick if they are available. Avoid most common tasks on the app, or better still, do not do them frequently because you may end up being blacklisted on the app. As a result of that, you may not be able to get more tasks on Premise app anymore.

List of Premise app tasks.

  1. Share an opinion
  2. Take photos in and around your city
  3. Share local informations of construction zones
  4. Share local informations of price of milk and other products
  5. Take simple surveys related to your location
  6. Take surveys for organizations

3. Select only the tasks you can complete

Some people tend to pick tasks they can’t complete. Avoid any task that is above your league.

I usually suggest you select tasks that suit your lifestyle. Here are some simple tips that will help you select the tasks you can complete.

  • Pick the tasks that match with your lifestyle
  • Select tasks base on the quantity of time you can dispose
  • Go for easy tasks

4. Make sure you pick easy but high paying tasks

There are a lot of tasks on the Premise app that you can choose and complete. Some are quite difficult and consumes a lot of time, while some are just easy. Above all, always pick the high paying tasks so that you can cash out on Premise app quickly.

Unfortunately, the high paying tasks are not much, but you can still pick few low paying tasks and add to the high paying tasks.

5. Complete over 400 tasks in a month

In other to earn $150 and above, you have to complete over 400 tasks within a month. Let’s say you usually do tasks that has the reward of $0.35. If you can complete 430 tasks, you will definitely earn $150.5 just like that. But if you do lower tasks, you will have to increase the numbers of tasks you complete in a month.

How to cash out/ withdraw money on the Premise app

You can cash out your rewards on Premise app using the steps below.

  • Login to your Premise account
  • At the buttom of the app, click payment
  • Select your bank type: Actually, Premise only accept 4 fintech apps.
  • Input the amount you want to cash out
  • Click confirm.

The only 4 fintech app that Premise app accept are;

1. Coinbase – Best for cryptocurrency

2. Payoneer – International transactions

3. PayPal – Best online banking for Western countries.

4. Mobile TOP-UP – International transactions

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