Are you thinking about the best profitable online business to start in Nigeria? Then consider an online importation business (mini importation).

Online importation business also known as Mini importation is lucrative these days due to the outburst of the internet. This business idea is simple, it’s simply buying of goods at cheaper prices online and selling higher.

In small importation business, almost everything is done online including buying of goods and selling them. Nigerian importers usually buy quality cheap products from China and sell the products at costly price in their local base. Apart from China, there are other countries to get cheap products from online.

online importation business is good for beginners, because it’s less stressful. The most important part about this business is that, the start up capital is very low, starting from ₦50,000

6 steps to starting an online importation business in Nigeria.

1. Choose a good niche for product

This is the most crucial part of online importation business (mini importation). Before starting any importation business, you have to choose a good niche for products.

There are several niches in mini importation business which you can choose from, ranging from fashion and cosmetics to accessories. From these niches, you can find a good product you can import.

Mini importation: 6 best niches for products

You want the niche for the best products? Well, there are basically five niches that you can choose from. These niches have the best products that can make your online mini importation business a successful one.

Without wasting time, below are the best niches for products in mini importation:

  • Fashion
  • Cusmetics
  • Tech
  • Home appliances
  • Accessories

1. Fashion

If you choose fashion as your niche, then you’re on the lucky side, because fashion is a profitable niche. Some fashionables you can pick from includes; clothing, wrist watches and shoes, especially for women.

2. Cosmetics

Cosmetics like make-up and lip stick are fast selling products. Other cosmetics are marketable too, you just have to pick the right ones.

3. Tech

Tech niche also have good products you can sell. It has tons of categories including phones, laptops and mini speakers.

4. Kitchen appliances

Some examples of home appliances you can import online and sell includes; breakable plates, fancy cooking pots and electric blender. These products are the best kitchen appliances you can sell fast.

5. Phone Accessories

Phone accessories like chargers, earphones, screen guild and phone batteries are fast selling products in Nigeria and around the world.

These accessories are extremely cheap in China. You can purchase them at a cheap rate and sell them costly in Nigeria.

2. Make research on the product

After you must have choosed a good niche for product, the next step is to make research on the product you want to sell from your niche. For example, if you choose fashion as your preferred niche, then you have to make a research to know which fashionables you want to sell.

Choosing the right product is very easy with just a little research. Anyway, selecting the right niche is the first step in choosing a good product.

Below are some tips on how to make a research on products to find the very best:

  • Check yourself and find out the product you can’t do without
  • Check the market to know trending products
  • Check some popular online shopping websites to know the current best selling products

3. Choose a supplier

Choosing a good supplier is the next thing to do after deciding on the product you want to sell. In case you don’t know, this is the most important part on this online importation business (mini importation).

Some suppliers sell their products cheaper, while some don’t. You have to choose the supplier that offers good products at cheaper rates. But before then, make sure the supplier you choose is reliable.

There are several available suppliers for any type of importation business. These suppliers can supply products anywhere in the world, you don’t need to worry about your location.

Before you choose a supplier, here are some things you need to consider:

  • The location of your supplier. The location of your supplier is very important. Your supplier or the company you want to buy the products from must be located in a country that offers cheap products, e.g China.
  • The supplier’s selling rate. Any supplier you choose should sell it’s products at an extremely cheap price.
  • The supplier must be reliable and trustworthy. Don’t just choose any supplier you see. Always check their reviews before you patronize.

best suppliers you can choose

Like I said earlier on, there are several suppliers for this importation business, but you have to choose the best from them all.

Literally, there are just two reliable online suppliers you can choose without fear. A lot of people use these suppliers for their online importation or mini importation business. See them below:

1. AliExpress

This online store is very good for mini importation or any online importation business. AliExpress is an online shopping website that offers tons of different products for cheaper prices.

This website has several categories of unique items ranging from clothing and furnitures to home appliances, accessories and electronics. You can find anything to buy at AliExpress, and the sweetest part is that, you can also sell your own products there too.

A lot of individuals and brands sell their products on AliExpress. This has resulted to competition and as well, made prices to be cheaper.

Most of the brands and sellers on are from China.

2. Banggood

Best known for their cheap items, Banggood has proven to be one of the best wholesale online shopping websites.

This online shopping website is just like AliExpress, but with a little difference. A lot of things can be found on banggood, but best known for its cheap quality electronics.

4. Buy from supplier

After choosing a good supplier, your next plan should be when and how to buy from the supplier. As a beginner in an online importation business, it’s advisable to buy products in small quantity at first.

Before you bring out any money to buy your desired products from your supplier, ensure your supplier is trust worthy.

If you use a reliable wholesale online store like AliExpress, the online store will assist you, making sure that your transaction is legitimate. You can also check the review of your supplier on AliExpress to know how far.

If you want to use an individual seller who is not in an online store, you can still do so providing that you have the contact of the supplier.

The preferred location to import products from is definitely china, but some other countries like Hongkong, Vietnam and France are also good.

How to buy goods from supplier for mini importation business

  • Contact a supplier online
  • Ask for sample of the product you want to buy
  • Order your preferred product colour, size and quality
  • Pay for the products you ordered
  • Pay for shipping
  • Wait for 2-3 weaks for your product to arrive

5. Get a shop

Before your products arrive, you should be thinking of where to sell them. At this point, you should get a shop. Your shop is where your products will be sampled and sold. So, it is necessary to get a shop before your goods arrive.

On the other hand, you can still choose not to get a shop. In this case, you’ll have to hawk your products from street to street on other to get a potential buyer. But this not the best way to carry out your mini importation business.

There is a major way you can sell your imported products, which is by getting a small noticeable shop. Luckily, there are two types of shops you can get for this importation business.

2 types of shops for mini importation business

There are two types of shops which you can get for your online mini importation business. You can choose one between the two, but in most cases, you can use both. Below are the two types of shops for online mini importation.

1. Physical shop

Physical shop is a small apartment in a building which can be used for trading. It’s called a physical shop because it’s visible to the eyes. Anyone can enter a physical shop and again, you will see your customers face to face.

2. Online shop

An online shop is located on the internet. There are several online stores that allows individual to showcase their products to the world for a little fee.

All you have to do is to buy a space in any of the online shops, and every other thing will be handled by others including marketing. and eBay are the best online retail shops around the world. If you live in Nigeria, then use or Konga to attract more Nigerian buyers.

You can also sell your products on Facebook and Instagram. Depending on how good you are in the marketing world. If you know to promote, these social media platforms, can help you sell your products fast.

If you choose online shop, you don’t need to worry about a packing store, you can store your products in your house until a sale is made. You can still use a physical shop or an online store for your mini importation business.

6. Promote and market your imported products

After getting a shop either physical or online, try and promote them in the best you can. Promoting your imported goods isn’t that necessary, but if you want rapid sales of your products, then you have to promote

Below are some ways you can promote your imported products with little or no money:

  • Run a small social media advert. You can buy facebook ads for at least $1 to promote your products
  • Write a blog posts about your products
  • Advertise to your friends through your Whatsapp status and Facebook profile

Conclusion: Is mini importation profitable in Nigeria?

Mini importation business is very much profitable in Nigeria. Not just that, it is said to be one of the easiest businesses in Nigeria with small start up capital as low as ₦50,000. To be successful in this business you have to go for products on high demand in Nigeria.

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