On this content, I will be discussing about Clickworker.com and how you can earn money from the platform. If you don’t mind, I would like to explain Clickworker from my own experience.

Honestly, this platform has been of help to me. I usually earn $50 daily from the app right here in Nigeria. You too can earn such amount and more if only you are determined.

Clickworker is one of the assured ways to make small money on the internet. Unfortunately, most Nigerians don’t know about this platform. The few Nigerians who knows about Clickworker are not if the platform operates in Nigeria.

Well, the truth is that Clickworker has a lot of jobs for Nigeria. After reading this content, you will know how you can work with Clickworker in Nigeria.

Without wasting much time, here is how you can earn over $50 with Clickworker in Nigeria.

What is Clickworker

Clickworker is an earn money online platform where users get rewarded for completing tasks like surveys, online research tasks, etc. This platform is simple and easy to use.

One interesting thing about Clickworker is that, there are varieties of available tasks you can choose from. From survey, to testing of apps and so on.

Honestly, you can never get bored doing a task on the Clickworker app. Some tasks on the platform are just fun.

How Clickworker works

Clickworker works like other online earning platforms. There are tons of available tasks on the platform. If you select a task and it, you will get rewarded for it.

On a good day, I earn over $50 just by taking surveys, testing apps and categorizing data on the Clickworker app. I believe you can make such amount too if you are consistent.

Below are some tips on how Clickworker works.

  • If you complete any task on Clickworker, you will get rewarded.
  • The more tasks you complete, the more money you will earn.
  • Each tasks on Clickworker has its own price tag
  • Complex tasks have higher rewards than the easier tasks.

Which country can use Clickworker

Clickworker is available for everyone and also available in all countries worldwide. Clickworker is available in Philippines. This platform is also available in Nigerians, UK, USA, India, Pakistan, including other countries I didn’t mention here.

How to earn over $50 daily on Clickworker

1. Download Clickworker app or Visit Clickworker.com

Before you can start earning on Clickworker, you have to download the app, or visit Clickworker.com to sign up.

The Clickworker app is available on Google Play Store, or you can download the app directly from here

2. Sign up on Clickworker

The next step is to sign up on Clickworker. Signing up on this platform is very easy. You only have to fill a simple form. Click here to sign up on the Clickworker platform.

3. Study all Clickworker jobs & tasks

Before doing any task, make sure you study all the jobs that are available on the platform. That will help you to identify the best jobs to do.

4. Select jobs that suits your lifestyle

This is very important. Make sure you choose the jobs that works well with your lifestyle, most especially your time. For example, I drive a lot. So I go for jobs related to driving and cars.

5. Also go for high paying tasks

If you go for high paying tasks, you may likely earn over $15 per hour, depending on your time.

6. Be consistent

Actually, there is nothing more better in online business than being consistent. You will get more job in time on Clickworker if you’re always consistent.

6. Complete over 100 task daily

To make more money (over $100) on Clickworker, you have to complete over 100 tasks a day. Completing over 100 tasks daily is possible if you’re consistent.

Clickworker jobs

1. Surveys

This job is all about answering simple questions and getting paid.

2. Online research

You will get paid on Clickworker if you can do simple online researches on various things.

3. App testing

On this job, you are to help Clickworker to test new or updated apps on Play Store and other stores.

4. Making videos and audio recording

You will get paid by making videos and audio recording with your phone.

5. Store visits

You will earn money when you visit local stores in your area to ask for prices of products.

6. Writing and proofing texts

If you know how to write or proof contents, then you’ve gotten yourself a job on Clickworker.com.

7. Categorizing data

Get paid daily on Clickworker platform by categorizing data.

How do I get paid on Clickworker

Getting paid on Clickworker is very simple. All you have to do is to submit your PayPal account on the payment dashboard, and your earnings will be paid to your account when you reach the $10 threshold.

However, Clickworker pays users weekly. If you earn $10 and above, you will be paid the next week.

Clickworker reviews

Clickworker is a legitimate online money earning platform. Although, the platform began having issues after its last update.

As it stands now, Clickworker is not that reliable as it used to be back then. Before, I usually earn over $10 per hour on Clickworker. But now, it takes me the whole day to earn $50 despite my hard work and consistency.

Clickworker is beginning to look fake as time goes by.

Here are Some Clickworker critical reviews.

  • Error after downloading and signing up on Clickworker app.
  • Too much demand of personal informations.
  • Lack of tasks in some countries.

Who owns Clickworker

The Clickworker platform is owned and offered by Clickworker GmbH. However, the founder of Clickworker is not yet known.


Normally, Clickworker was legit, but the platform has turned out to be very stricted recently. Although, I and other millions of Clickworker users are still making money on the platform.

Luckily, there are other online platforms where you can earn money online. You can also check out how I earn money daily on the Premise app.

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