A lot of people are looking for ways to make money online without much stress, but haven’t found any legitimate platform for that. Fortunately for me, an app called Math Cash rewards me over $40 daily for solving simple maths. On this content, I will show you how you can earn money solving maths on Math Cash.

Math Cash is different from other online earning platforms. On this platform, all you have to do is solve simple maths or enhance maths skills and get paid.

To earn money on Math Cash, you don’t have to be a mathematician. Honestly, I don’t know maths quite well, but I earn tens of dollars on this platform. Daily.

Math Cash will pay you $10 for every 10000 points you gained, and $5 for 5000 points. Luckily, you can easily gain high points from few tasks.

I teach you everything you need to know about Math Cash, including Math Cash Review, how it works, referal code and how to earn money on Math Cash.

What is Math Cash app

Math Cash is an online platform where you can earn money by either playing maths or solving maths problems. You can actually earn over $300 weekly solving simple maths problems.

There are other platforms like Math Cash, but non of these platforms can beat the reliability of Math Cash.

How I earn money on Math Cash

With Math Cash, you can monetize your Maths skills easily. Below is how you can make money on Math Cash ($50 daily).

1. Download Math Cash app

Math Cash does not have any official website, so before you can do anything, you have to download the app first.

Math Cash is free and available on Play Store, PC and IOS depending on your device.

Here’s how you can download Math Cash on your Android phone. Go to Google Play Store and search ‘Math Cash’. Download the app and install, or click here to download Math Cash directly.

Here’s how you can download Math Cash on your PC. On your PC, enter Microsoft Store and type Math Cash on the search tab. Select the app and click get.

2. Find Maths Problems and study them

After downloading and signing up on the app, the next thing you should do is to check for available math games, then evaluate and study them for proper comprehension.

Don’t just rush to answer those Maths because you think you can. Some Maths problems could be trickish.

3. Choose a Math you can play or solve

Always  choose the Maths you can answer first before the complex ones. For the difficult Maths, always seek help from the internet.

You can search something like “Math Cash answers” to get accurate answers from the internet.

4. Play the Math Cash games as fast as you can

Just like you, there are other people hoping to earn money daily on the app. Math Cash usually put their users against each other. First person to answer the Math question will get the point.

Usually, the Math Cash platform will pair you against another user. If your opponent answered the question before you, then you loose and you won’t be given any point.

Math Cash also have tasks like Math surveys for users who don’t want to play the Math games. However, you still need to be fast while answering the surveys, because it has limited time.

5. Apply consistency

If you want to earn more money on Math Cash, then you have to be consistent on the app.

6. Solve more Maths daily

Solve and answer more Maths daily to get high points. To earn over $50 daily on Math Cash, you have to answer and solve as many Maths problems as you can.

Math Cash App review

From the reviews available so far, Math Cash is absolutely real and legit. This app is not like other earning platforms, what you see on the platform is what you get, and your rewards will be paid to you without any problem.

Math Cash is not a fake platform, but but still have some flaws, critical and negative reviews you should look out for.

Below are the reviews that will help you make the right decision concerning the platform.

Math Cash positive reviews

  • It’s good in the educational aspect. Students can understand some common calculations on the platform.
  • The best platform to play and solve math to earn money.
  • Easy and fun way to earn to earn rewards.
  • On Math Cash, you’re not just earning, you’re also learning Maths.
  • There are a lot of Math games you can play to get more points.
  • Your rewards will be paid to your PayPal account without issues.

Math Cash critical reviews

  • The rewards are too small. You have to play more Maths games in other to earn reasonable amount of money.
  • There are so many ads, especially on the official app.
  • The surveys on Math Cash are more difficult than the Math games.

Which country is eligible on Math Cash

Any country can use Math Cash App to play games and earn money. The app was designed for everyone, no country is excluded from this money earning app.

How to sign up/register on Math Cash

  • Download Math Cash App on Google Play Store, PC or App Store.
  • Open the app and click “sign up or register an account.”
  • Fill in the form and sign up.
  • Start earning.

Math Cash login | How to login

  • Open the Math Cash app.
  • On the display, click sign in and continue.

Math Cash alternative

There are several math Cash alternative. In case Math Cash App doesn’t work for you, you can go for other platforms like Pay Math, Preply, Photo Math and Chegg. Those platforms I listed will pay you to solve Maths Problems.

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