Today, i will be discussing all about, how it works, Toptal jobs, offers, reviews, alternatives, salaries and many more. After you finish reading this content, you will have full idea of what Toptal is all about.

Toptal is just like other freelancing platforms where you can find online jobs based on skill and get paid for it.

There are a lot of freelancing sites on the internet right now, but I personally choosed to make money from my programming skill. This freelancing site easy to use, and there are several jobs you can choose from.

On this content, I will reveal everything you should know about Toptal including its jobs, reviews, sign up, screening process, interview questions and many more.

What is Toptal

Toptal is an online freelancing platform that offers online jobs to programmers, developers, SEO experts, designers, and computer engineers.

On Toptal, it’s either you’re hiring a freelancer for a skill or you are offering a skill as a freelancer.

This platform helps to connect people who have skills with the people who are in need of the skills.

If you know and have mastered one or two programming languages, then you can make a good amount of money on Toptal. Other skills like graphics designing, app development, financial marketing and software development are hotcakes on Toptal. Com no doubt.

How does works

Toptal is easy to use and works just like other freelance sites on the internet. Although, Toptal has a little freelancing twist, and that’s what makes it better than some other platforms.

Here’s how Toptal works, you sign up on to create an account. After that, you have to search for a job you can offer perfectly and apply. You will undergo an interview process and will be asked some questions. Then the job will be given to you.

Your price (salary) is in your hand. You have to input your price tag on the skills you are offering, before you can be given a job on Toptal.

Below are other things you need to know about Toptal and how it works.

  • You have to create an account on Toptal before you can get jobs
  • You have to select a job you can offer
  • Your workmanship depends on the job and the amount you placed. On Toptal, you have to indicate the amount you request for a job.
  • The amount per job should not be below $5
  • Toptal takes small percentage from every got through the platform
  • Each users have ratings. These ratings are given by customers, and the ratings will either help you get more jobs or none.

Toptal sign up | How to register

You don’t need to sign up on Toptal if your intention is to hire a freelancer. But if you wish to become a freelancer on Toptal, then you have to sign up.

Here’s the only way you can sign up on without any issue;

  1. Visit
  2. Click the menu at the top left corner on the site
  3. A drop down list will appear, click ‘apply as a freelancer’
  4. Click sign in with LinkedIn if you have a LinkedIn account. But if you don’t, you can sign up with your email and a username
  5. Fill in the form listed below the LinkedIn link (for those who don’t have LinkedIn account)
  6. After filling the form, click ‘Apply to join Toptal’

Toptal interview and screening process

Here are the Toptal interview and screening processes and their questions;

  • Language and personality test
  • In-depth skill review
  • Live screening test
  • Test project
  • Keep going excellence or continues magnificence.

1. Language and personality test

This screening process is all about how good you are on English language and how you can be able to communicate effectively.

2. In-depth skill review

Toptal will always test their applicant to know if they are knownable of their skills and can be able to solve problems with them.

3. Live Screening test

All applicants will be tested online by the Toptal teem. This will enable Toptal to evaluate the talents and their problem solving skills.

4. Test project

Candidates will be tested with a simple project to know if they are worthy.

5. Keep going excellence

Both candidates and clients on have records. Those with continues excellence are lifted above others.

Toptal jobs

  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Programmers


If you’re a good web developer, then Toptal is for you. This skill is on demand, and there is no way you’re not going to make it big on Toptal if you can do web development job.


Designers job like web designer, logo design and others are big jobs on Toptal.

Project Managers

Project Manager job is one of a kind on this platform. You can earn a reasonable amount of money if you know this very well.

Product Managers

Product Managers job is also a big job on the Toptal platform.


If you know one or two things about Python, Java, C# or C++, then you can get a job at Toptal. review

Toptal is legit and it is actually one of the best ways to make money through your programming, developing or designing talent. This site also provides a legitimate platform where you can find reliable freelancers.

Working for Toptal review

Toptal is absolutely one of the best freelance platforms to work with as a developer and desiner. You get to control pretty much everything and the payment is OK.

Is Toptal that bad? People always ask me this question, but Toptal is not bad. Toptal is way more better than some freelancing platforms.

Is Toptal a good company to work for? Yes, Toptal is the best especially for web developer and designers.

Toptal freelancers review

You can get the best developers, designers, professional programmers and project managers on Toptal. The site is easy to use. You can find the best freelancers their ratings and reviews. Although you have to bargain for the suitable price.

Toptal login

You can click here to login on Toptal, or visit, then click the menu at the top of the site and click login at the buttom of the drop-down menu.

Which country is eligible to use Toptal

Toptal is available in all countries globally. You can request for a web developer at Toptal anywhere in the world, and you can also become a freelancer at Toptal without bordering about the eligibility of your country.


Toptal is the best platform to find developers, designers and programmers of any kind of programming languages including Java, Python, C# and C++

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