There are a lot of online shopping sites on the internet, but only few sell the best products with discount. A lot of people have been searching for the best online shopping websites with original products. I and my team made a lot of research concerning this query. Fortunately, we were able to to come up with the ten best websites.

Below, we listed the top 10 best online shopping websites that will give you a better discount when you purchase from them.

These shopping websites are popular and very reliable. That is because they offer the best products. Not just that, they sell almost everything online. Some rare products that local shops can’t provide, can be easily gotten in these popular stores.

Reliability, conviniency and peace of mind are the importance of online shopping. Looking for the best shopping websites online? Visit any of the 10 online stores listed below. You can find all sort of thing like jewelries, books, electronics, movies, games and clothes etc.

1. Amazon started as an online store for books only, but it later expanded to sell almost everything. Today, is the best and most reliable online shopping website. It is the world largest online marketplace.

If you’re searching for the best shopping website that offers its products with discount, should be your number one choice. It offers millions of items from its own warehouse and not just that, sellers around the world also upload their wares too. is a world wild shopping websites. This means, you can shop there no matter where you are. They have the best clothes, shoes, jewelries, video games… Name them.

Due to the competition from a host of stores, individual sellers and popular brands, you can compare prices and discounts at a glance.


  • Customer service is reliable.
  • Extremely cheap items due to competition.
  • Good discount.


  • The website isn’t mobile friendly
  • Only prime members qualify for free shipping

2. AliExpress

This online shopping website was launched in 2010 but it managed to climb to the top within a short period of time. That is because, AliExpress offers nothing but the best. It’s one of the most visited ecommerce site that offers items to international buyers. offers a wide variety of categories ranging from original electronics to clothes and video games.

This online shopping website is reliable, it brings products to buyers doorstep and above all, it offers a better discount. Just like Amazon, AliExpress also allows individual sellers and brands to market their items on its website.

That also makes it possible to compare prices from various stores and individual sellers at a glance.


  • Items are very cheap
  • It brings products to buyers doorstep
  • Individuals can also sell their items on the website


  • The company doesn’t deliver items on time
  • Irregular shopping discount

3. ebay was originally an online auction website, but the website has expanded to include: shopping of new original items worldwide. It is now an online auction, Buy It Now and shopping website where you can buy anything.

If you are looking for a good fairy used item that is very cheap, this is the first shopping website you should try. ebay also offers the best brand-new items with good discount. You can also partner with ebay to sell your items that you don’t need anymore.

This online shopping website has a lot of features you can use to choose the best items you want. For example, you can use features like price, brand, customer reviews an ratings to decide the item to buy.

The sweetest part about ebay is that, it offers some items with free shipping, new or used items verses auctioned items.


  • Great shopping website for pocket friendly items
  • You can sell your unwanted items on eBay.


  • Some fairy used items uploaded on the website are not reliable
  • Delivery time depends on the seller

4. Etsy is a popular online shopping website where you can mostly find designers vintage items or beautiful handmade crafts. These items fall under some categories such as clothing, jewelries, furnitures, home decor, art and other items.

You will definitely love this online shopping website, if you give it a try. offers mostly vintage items above 20 years old. Apart from buying, you can also sell your handmade items worldwide on Etsy.

Prices of handmade crafts on Etsy starts from $0.20. Etsy is the best place for people who want designers, handmade and vintage items. It’s great for people who craft valuable items to make money.


  • You can find vintage and artistry items that are rare
  • Handmade items are very cheap


  • Poor customer service
  • Some popular items are limited

5. Google shopping

Google shopping formally known as froogle is the most underrated online shopping platform. It’s a site that allows buyers to search for any item on different online shopping websites and compare prices, and quality.

This online shopping website is very easy to navigate. Just type anything you want online and google will show you different result from different stores with different prices and quality.

Some products owned by Google are sold directly on the website too. But the best part is that Google shopping can also help you find items near your location.


  • You can find items near your location
  • Better for comparing price from other shopping websites
  • You can easily find the best deals


  • Too much advertisers


Are you looking for the best retail online shopping website that offers discount on its items? Then try Overstock. This shopping runs regular promotions and sales including discounts.

When it comes to furnitures, home decors, kitchen and bedding leads every other online shopping websites. Its website is easy to operate and it also has a unique home page that displays top items.


  • You get better discount on holidays
  • The website is easy to navigate


  • Item categories are limited
  • Customer service is not reliable

7. Zappos

Ever wondered what online shopping website deal on the best shoes and clothings for women and men? Wonder no more, because got you covered.

This online shopping website deal on all sorts of shoes, clothes, jewelries and handbags for women, men and kids. Its website is top notch and are separated into different sections.

The most exciting thing about is it offers good discount on every item you buy, especially on holidays.


  • Reliable customer service: respond quickly
  • Best fashionables for women, men and kids


  • Shopped items are packaged inconveniently

8. Wish is another online shopping website in America that alleviate transaction between sellers and buyers around the world. It is known for its cheap and unique items.

There isn’t anything you will look for that you wouldn’t find in Wish online shopping website. The website have tons of unique items in categories like furniture, toys, electronics, home decor, clothing, fashion and many more.

Apart from buying and selling on this online shopping website, there are some other things you can still do. Things like spin and win money and others.


  • Items are very cheap compared to other shopping websites
  • You can win money on the website


  • Takes too long to deliver products
  • Some items don’t have quality

9. Boohoo

Known as the best United Kingdom-based online shopping website that operates around the world. Boohoo is also known for its quality fashion items.

This online shopping website hold lots of quality items on fashion. If your looking for the best clothes for men and women, then visit Boohoo. Some of the categories you can find on include clothings, shoes, sun glasses and fashion.


  • Quality fashionable items
  • Good customer service


  • Have a bad reputation on working conditions at some of its suppliers

10. Forever 21

Formally known as Fashion 21 is a fast-rising popular online shopping website that offers fashionable and trending wears for cheap prices.

Forever 21 sells trending jewelries, shoes, accessories, beauty products and clothing for women, men and children. If you’re searching for an online shopping website that offers good discount on trending fashionables, maybe you should visit Forever 21, they are reliable.


  • Good discount on its items
  • Best website to get trending fashionables


  • Bad labor practices
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