Just like the main TikTok app, TikTok Lite is fast growing and taking every app store by storm. Currently, this app has surpassed 500 million downloads on Playstore, while the main TikTok app is over 1 billion download with more than 500 million monthly users.

According to some users, TikTok Lite is simple and easy to use, especially for beginners. The app is also good for users who don’t want to consume storage space and more data.

You can still use the lite version of the app to create quality videos for fun or business marketing. Big brand like The Washington Post, Coca-Cola, and Chipotle are also taking advantage of TikTok video marketing opportunity.

Honestly, the best way to know more about TikTok Lite, its templates, filters, the type of content that engages audiences and how to use it, is to download and start Creating and posting your own contents on a personal or business account.

Although, if you’re a beginner or have never used the app before, it will be quite difficult for you to navigate the app. Even I, a social media marketer, could not figure out how it worked when I first used it. Fortunately for me, I began to understand the app after I switched to the TikTok Lite version of the real app.

Here is a content with the list of instructions and pictures that will guide you through understanding TikTok Lite, how to use it, making your first video and adding special effects.

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How to use TikTok Lite

  1. Download TikTok Lite and sign up.
  2. Set up your profile.
  3. View your home feed.
  4. Comment, like, or share videos you like.
  5. Follow users you like
  6. Search for more videos
  7. Prepare to make your first video
  8. Record your video
  9. Edit, filter and add caption to the video
  10. Post your first video
  11. Brace with other users
  12. Participate in a challenge game

Download TikTok Lite and sign up

To download the app, go to Google Play Store or App Store and search TikTok. When you find the app, download and install it. However, this app has two versions; The main version and the liteweight version. The both are slightly different from each other.

TikTok has made it pretty much easier to sign up. You can sign up instantly with Facebook, Google, Twitter or Gmail account, or you can create a password and username if you don’t have any of the accounts listed above.

Different between TikTok and TikTok Lite

There are no much difference between TikTok and TikTok Lite, only that the Lite weight version consumes less data and storage space.

Set up your profile

Once you’ve signed up and logged in, you’ll be brought to your home page where you will see a lot of feed videos. But you have to set up your profile first. So click on the icon in the lower right of the app (that looks like a person’s outline written as “Me”).

As soon as you get to your profile, click the Edit Profile botton, then add a profile picture or video. Other things you should add are your username and a bio information. Interestingly, you can link your Facebook, instagram and YouTube channel to your profile if you wish.

If you have a business or a website, this could be a great opportunity to advertise them for marketing.

View your home feed

After completing your profile, head back to the home tab which shows you video feed.

Presume this feed to be like instagram, but where video is the primary content. If you aren’t following anyone yet, the app feed will show you random interesting videos from other users. As soon as you start following and interacting with other users, your feed will be personalized to your taste.

Comment, like, or share videos you like

TikTok Lite is full of fun. So once you see a video you like, you can comment, like or share it. TikTok Lite has made it easier to perform these things, because you can find these bottoms right there on your screen.

All social buttons on TikTok Lite and how to use them

  • Like button: The like button is the heart symbol on the screen, tap it to like videos you enjoy.
  • Comment botton: The speech bubble is the commenting button, use it to express yourself.
  • Share button: The share button is the forward sign usually underneath the comment symbol.

These symbols are located at the right side of the app. In case you love a video and wish to view the profile behind it, then swipe left to toggle to their profile.

Follow users you like

There are some users you may like and would want to watch more of their video contents. In this case, you have to follow that user by clicking the follow button on their profile. Fortunately, their are several ways you can make that happen.

How to follow users on TikTok

You can find the follow button or follow a user on TikTok through the following.

  • Via videos: You can follow s user by clicking the icon that includes their profile picture and a plus sign above the heart button on their video.
  • Via search: if you already know the name the TikTok user or account, then you can search the on the search bar, the click the users filter.
  • Via Tikcod: You can also follow or find an account by scanning Tikcode. Tikcode helps people or brands to market their TikTok platforms on the physical world or other online platforms like websites. You can find your Tikcode in your profile, it is the icon with four squares in the top right.

Search for more videos

The video feed will only show you trending videos, not necessarily what you want to see. That is why you have to search for the kind of videos you want to watch. You can easily find the search tab on the main screen.

How to search for videos on TikTok/TikTok Lite

Tap on Discover down below, or the magnifying glass, to enter the search area. On the tab, you can search for the video or account you want, or you can look below the search Tab area to find trending videos and events.

Prepare to make your first video

There are mainly two ways you can make a video on TikTok Lite; through TikTok camera or through file upload.

To create a video from TikTok, all you have to do is to click the center tab at the button to enter camera. If you’re using the lite version of TikTok, you have to tap the center tab and wait for camera and its recording features to be downloaded.

If you’re using the main TikTok app, you can proceed with the camera without downloading anything. To face the camera on the right direction, tap the flip icon on the right.

On the right side of the app, you’ll also see the following icons.

  • Speed: Allows you to control the speed level of your video. You can either make a video go slower or speed up.
  • Filters: This icon let’s you change the colour effect of the camera. There are tens of available colour filters.
  • Beauty: Has an AR filter that can hide bruises and blemishes on the skin. It helps to make the skin looks smooth.
  • Timer: allows you to detail record countdown while videoing.

It also has the icon for music and effects. To find it, check the center of the camera screen, you’ll see a music sign with “Add a Sound” next to it. Click this to add a music overlay or sound effect. You can also upload any song from your device.

In case you want to record your video outside TikTok, then click the upload at the left side of the camera button.

At the right side of the camera button, you’ll also see a button for effects. If you click the effect button, you’ll see the list of AR filters and other important effects you can use to design your surroundings and face.

Record your video

Once you’ve put in place all the necessary things, it’s time to record or upload your first video on TikTok. Press and hold the record red button.

There are two ways to recording on the app. It’s either you record the video all at once, or you record bit by bit.

If you want to record all at once, then hold the red record button till you’re done.

If you want to record in pieces (bit by bit), simply hold the record button for each section, then release, then hold it again when you want to record the next part.

In case you don’t want to record from the TikTok app, simply upload a video from your phone gallery.

Edit, filter and add caption to the video

Before saving or sharing your video, try to edit, filter, and caption to your video. This helps to beautify your video, and to make it look more professional.

Below are the editing effects you can add to your recorded or uploaded video.

  • Musical overlay: TikTok has tons of available music overlays and sounds you can add to your video. You can still choose to upload from your file.
  • Filters: You can make you video look presentable and interesting with TikTok filters.
  • Stickers: There are lots of beautiful stickers you can add to your video.
  • Text overlay: With the text overlay, you can write anything on your video.

Post your first video

After adding the special effects on your video, click next and continue. You’ll be directed to a page where you’ll have to add a caption, hashtags and account handles of others. You also have to perform other actions which are optional. After that, click “Save to Album” if you want the video to be saved on your device, and click the post button at the buttom right. Your video will be available to the world, most especially your followers.

If you don’t want to post your video yet, then you can click the draft button at the bottom left.

Brace with other users

This option is usually called Duet on TikTok. The Duet option works like this; If you see any musical video you like, and you want to join the owner of the video? TikTok Lite allows you to reply with a Duet video. You can find the Duet button, by clicking the share button to see sharing options. After that, then press the Duet option. The Duet option has a two cycle symbol at the buttom.

Your camera screen will show close to the video. After that, you can click record and sing along, or do whatever you want with the video.

Participate in a challenge game

Just like other social media platforms, you’ll find challenge games with hashtags occasionally. TikTok is the master of video challenge, and since you’re learning how to use TikTok Lite, you should also learn to participate in a challenge.

A video challenge is when someone, a celebrity or a company ask users to video themselves doing something specific. For example, A famous musician just dropped a single, and want fans to record themselves singing or dancing to that very song. The musician will give out rewards to those who gave their very best on their videos.

Also, participating in a challenge game like this, might help you get more followers on TikTok, using your TikTok Lite app.

Before I call it a quit, here are my conclusions about TikTok Lite.

  • TikTok Lite is the smaller version of the main TikTok app, but still has same quality and fun.
  • There are a lot of special effects on the app that will help to beautify your videos, and give TikTok users the video they desire.
  • Well, if you’re the music type, you also have the opportunity to add different sounds effects and overlays to your video background.
  • Participate in a video challenge and increase your followers on the platform.
  • Do not be afraid to showcase your talent on TikTok, that might be just what users wants.

Now that you know about TikTok Lite, I would highly suggest you also learn how to make money directly to your bank account.

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