Tiktok is a free app for making videos, and it also comes with a variety of editing options. You can add any text, a distinctive background with a green screen, filters, and effects to make your movie or video more exciting! Some advantageous possibilities are to include effects and templates. that will make your video appealing. If your video is successful, other tiktokers will follow your lead, and you’ll get more followers.

If you’re wondering how to use Tiktok effects, filters or templates, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to do so using simple examples with image prove.

What are TikTok effects

TikTok videos can be customized and embellished with effects. Effects can be added to a video, both before and after it is recorded, but some effects are only available before recording and others are only available afterward.

Effects are very crucial when it comes to making a professional video that will entice users on the platform. There are tons of available special effects, you can use them to beautify your face or surroundings.

List of best special effects on TikTok:

  • Blink effect: The bling effect, often known as sparkle or glitter, adds glittering lights to your video. It helps to make your video stand out with the touch of glamour. You can find this effect on the filter side of the app.
  • Zoom effect: This effect is quite popular, it can be used to zoom your video in and out. It helps to give a clearer view of a specific object in a video.
  • Morph: Forget about sharing a collage or side-by-side photos. The TikTok morph effect uses facial recognition technology to allow you to seamlessly transition between up to five photographs containing someone’s face.
  • Blending effect: You can use blending effects to take components from one video clip and place them on top of another. You may smoothly combine two different clips into a single clip with the appropriate tools and skill, bringing up a whole new world.
  • Voice effect: Noticed almost everyone’s voice sounds have changed on the platform? That is actually the hand work of voice effect. With voice effect on the app, you can literally enhance your video by making your voice sound good.
  • Transition: Transitions can be able to transform your TikTok videos from choppy to polished. Transitions are the perfect effect to tie everything together, whether you’re trying to construct a tale or simply combining different pieces. Turn on TV, Turn off TV, Slip, Scroll, Horizon, Vertical, Rotate, and Circle are the eight transitions accessible on TikTok.
  • Video speed: This helps to increase or decrease the durability of your video.
  • Green screen: One of the most popular effects on TikTok is the green screen, which allows you to modify or change the background of your video. As a green screen background, you can utilize any photograph from your camera roll.

All these effects can be found directly on the TikTok app. But you’ll have to search for them. I’ll teach you how to search for effects on the app.

How to search for effects on TikTok app

Click the center tab to enter camera mode. Tap the Flip icon in the upper right corner to turn the camera around. A right-hand Effects icon and a left-hand upload button will be found at the bottom of the camera.

When you hit the Effects button, you’ll be presented with a large selection of AR filters and other special effects that may be used to enhance your face or environment. After that, search for the effects or filters you want. You can also select a video overlay-styled filter from this menu.

How to use TikTok effects

Here’s how you can use TikTok effects:

  • Open your camera by pressing the + button.
  • Click on the “effect” icon at the left side of the app.
  • List of filters and effects will display, then select the right effects.
  • After selecting an effect, apply it to your video.
  • Leave the effects gallery and start recording your video.

1. Open your camera by pressing the + button:

The plus (+) button is located at the center buttom of the app. Once you click the plus icon, you will be directed to a camera where the recording will take place.

If you Look closely at the camera, you will find a filter/effect gallery at the left side of the red record button. At the right side, you’ll find an upload button. The upload button will help you upload a video content from your phone gallery directly to the app.

2. Click on the “effect” icon at the left side of the app:

After opening the camera, click the effect icon at the left side. The icon is represented by a winking emotion. Once inside, you’ll find the list of all TikTok effects and filters.

3. List of filters and effects will display, then select the right effects:

Once inside the gallery, you’ll have access to tons of effects. It’s left for you to pick the right one that’ll blend well with your video.

4. After selecting an effect, apply it to your video:

Apply each and every effects you select to your video. You can apply for any of them by directly on the effect.

5. Leave the effects gallery and start recording your video:

Exit the gallery as soon as you finish selecting the effects you like, and start recording your video.

What are filters on TikTok

TikTok filters are tools for editing videos before uploading them to the app. They provide effects, color shifts, contrast and a unique feel to your video.

Filters are available in various forms and formats, and most TikTokers use them to enhance their videos before posting. Before you can use any of these filters, you need to search for them, which is pretty easy though.

List of best TikTok filters to use in your video

Here are the names of all TikTok filters:

  • G6 filter:
  • Anime filter:
  • The invisible filter:
  • TikTok’s Disney filter
  • Dog face:
  • Inverted filter
  • Beauty filter

1. G6 filter:

G6 is well known as a food-related filter, it’s became increasingly popular owing to its bright, colorful, and past feel.

2. Anime filter:

The anime filter is actually a Snapchat filter that became popular after users began sharing their Snapchat videos to TikTok. This filter transforms you into an anime character, but you have to install Snapchat on your device before you can use this filter. All you have to do is to sign up on Snapchat, then record your video on the app, adding the anime filter. After doing that, you can upload the video on TikTok.

3. The invisible filter:

This filter let’s you turn yourself or anything invisible. It was one of the best until TikTok scrapped it out. In other words, this filter is no longer available for now.

4. TikTok’s Disney filter:

Ever wanted to be or look like a Disney prince or princess? Well, with the TikTok’s Disney filter, you can turn your Disney fantasies to reality. This filter will change your appearance to a a Disney cartoon character.

5. Dog face:

Just like Snapchat, this filter can give you a dog-like facial appearance like nose, ears, tongue and even eyes.

6. Inverted filter:

The Inverted filter is a little more divisive than the others. This filter flips any video you capture, and it’s popular for usage with the front-facing camera because it’s said to mimic how other people perceive you.

So, what’s the big deal about it? The inverted filter, on the other hand, has enraged some users, who don’t always appreciate their “true” reflection.

7. Beauty filter:

For some reasons, beauty filter is the most used filter on TikTok. It improves your appearance by evening out skin tone, adding color, and removing wrinkles and blemishes on the face. It’s commonly used in conjunction with other filters and effects.

How to use filters on TikTok

  • Open the TikTok app and click the + symbol at the center below.
  • A camera will display, click the filter icon on the right side of your screen.
  • A variety of filters will appear at the button of the screen. Select the filter that will suit your video.
  • Exit the filter gallery and continue with your video.
  • When you’re done, tap the “checkmark” button. You’ll be directed to a preview screen where you can crosscheck your video and make more edits.

What are TikTok templates

Templates feature on TikTok allows you to add pictures to pre-styled frames and backgrounds, complete with timing and text. You can choose from 11 different pre-formatted designs with animations ranging from images melting into one another to rustic film-style moving collages.

You can also format photos for template the way you like. However, it’s quite difficult to do so. All these can take place on the app, but you can still use a third party video and photo editors.

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