SokoLoan is an online loan lending software that offers quick loans for unexpected expenses. This lending app is exclusively available to Nigerian residents. SokoLoan allows you to borrow money, but keep in mind that your loan will be paid out in Nigerian Naira.

Even if you were unable to repay your loan on time, this platform has no right to harass you.

In this article, I’ll explain what you should do if SokoLoan tries to humiliate or harass you. This article is for you if the aforementioned loan app is already harassing you.

What is SokoLoan all about

SokoLoan is fully an online lending platform in Nigeria that provides short-term loans to help cover unforeseen expenses or urgent cash needs. As a professional lending platform, you can apply for an urgent loan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and find out your status in minutes.

With this app, you can apply for online funds in Nigeria without collateral. However, your BVN will be collected, including your phone contact.

This app could give you an instant loan with the best interest rate, but you may regret using the platform if you don’t pay back on due time. Honestly, SokoLoan knows how to harass it’s customers, that is why you have to trade carefully with the platform.

What if you don’t pay back SokoLoan

The following is a detailed description of what SokoLoan will do if you fail to repay your loan:

  • You will face repercussions.
  • SokoLoan will harass you.
  • Your reputation will be sharterd.
  • Your bank account will be accessed without your permission.

1. You will face repercussions

SokoLoan will have no choice but to penalize you if you do not repay your loan on time. The platform may continue to raise your interest rate until you have paid off all of your debts. If that doesn’t work, the loan app might have you arrested if you refuse to repay your obligation.

2. SokoLoan will harass you

Have you ever been the victim of harassment? If you don’t, you’d better learn to pay your debts on time, or you’ll be subjected to a barrage of harassment. This lending program will continue to phone you and, sometimes, send you threat messages, which will frustrate you.

3. Your reputation will be sharterd

Through the contact information you provided, the loan app representatives may be able to locate your friends and family members. These agents will begin calling your friends and family, informing them that you are a criminal, once they have obtained all of your contact information.

This is a terrible experience. SokoLoan will phone practically every one on your contact list, and tell them how bad you are. The primary goal is to harm your reputation.

This has been a dreadful experience. SokoLoan will call almost everyone on your contact list and tell them how horrible things are with you. The main purpose is to tarnish your name.

4. Your bank account will be accessed without your permission

You will be asked to provide your valid BVN or ATM card details because SokoLoan does not require collateral before lending. If you do not repay your loan, the app’s management will acquire access to your bank account using the bank account information you provided.

SokoLoan will aggressively access your bank account and withdraw any money they see until you finish paying your debt.

How to stop SokoLoan harassment

Here are four sure ways to put an end to SokoLoan harassment:

  • Make on-time payments on your loan: The first method to avoiding SokoLoan harassment is to return your loan when it is due. The agency would never send you humiliating massages or phone your contacts to harass them if you repay on time.
  • Do not allow them access your phone contacts: The company should not have access to your contact list. If they do, if you don’t pay on time, you may come to dislike yourself. This is the strategy I use, and it always works for me. Remember not to provide them with the correct contacts.
  • Call their customer care and threaten to report them: If this loan platform already has your contact information and has begun harassing you, you should contact them right away. SokoLoan wants to harass you and everyone you know, but that is against the law in Nigeria. Make contact with the loan company right away and threaten to report them.
  • Inform CBN about the harassment: If you contact SokoLoan and do not receive a favourable response, I recommend reporting them to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) along with proof.


Sometimes life can happen, and you may end up not able to repay your loan on time. In this case, tell them you need more time to pay back their loan. Remove any beliefs that tell you not to pay back your debt, because this will have a negative impact on your life. You can call their customer service number if you have any further issues.

The phone number for SokoLoan is 01-4536792 or 08148799371. Other ways to get in touch with the lending service include;

Email address:

Headquarters location: Located at 9 Acme Road in Agidingbi, Lagos.

Official website: is the official website.

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