In this economy, finding a work can be difficult, but getting your hands dirty might help. If you don’t mind getting a little dirty, I have compiled a list of dirty methods to make money.

To be honest, some people don’t mind doing dirty jobs as long as they’re getting paid for it. In my opinion, Making money the dirty way pays better than most clean white-collar jobs. Now that the economy is tanking and there are few to no employment available, you might want to look for other ways to increase your income.

Trust me, there are many methods to generate money, but the dirty ones can be entertaining and successful at times.

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Are you searching for dirty ways to make money in the US, UK, Nigeria, South Africa, India, or anywhere in the world? Here are some few tips on how to do so.

Dirty ways to make money through cleaning

Here are the major dirty ways you can make money by cleaning:

1. Crime Scene Cleaner

Crime scene cleaners are frequently called in to clean up the kinds of messes that the rest of us would rather avoid.

While it may appear that arriving with a mop and bucket to scrub away a few unsightly stains is all that is required, the job is actually quite technical.

If blood, guts, foul odors, and being on call at odd hours don’t bother you, this could be the job for you. Annual salaries range from £26,000 to £60,000.

Your duties as a crime scene cleaner includes:

  • Cleaning up every mess from a crime scene.
  • Scrubbing away any stain found in the location where the crime was perpetuated.
  • Picking up potential evidence in the crime scene.

One of the best platforms find crime scene cleaning job is Ziprecruiter. This platform is available in the USA ND some other western countries.

2. Cleaner

There is always work for cleaners, whether it be in people’s homes, schools, venues, or businesses. However, it can be filthy labor, and you may be required to clean up some unpleasant spills.

You can find any type of cleaning job on JobGet and Ziprecruity.

As a cleaner, you can expect to earn between £10 and £15 per hour.

3. Dog Pooper Scooper

Your garden will be cleaned up by these professionals. They’ll also sanitize and deodorize any areas where pets have messed up. If you enjoy working with dogs and getting your hands filthy in nature, this could be the job for you.

Dog feces is a breeding environment for diseases like Salmonellosis, and it’s a pain to clean off the carpet. It’s one of those services that will always be in demand.

4. Rodent Exterminator

Pest exterminator technicians appreciate a dirty profession that needs them to deal with annoying insects, reptiles, and some part with bad smell.

Because their duties entail setting traps, spraying poisons, and deploying hazardous substances in unfavorable environments such as attics, barns, and farms, these specialists must exercise tremendous caution.

5. Road Kill Cleaner

Road kill is a significant problem that occurs far more frequently than anyone could ever imagine. It is not more noticeable because it is someone’s responsibility to clean up the carcasses.

Roadkill collectors locate, remove, and dispose of the unfortunate victims of the highway, providing a service to the more squeamish of us. They must enjoy driving because they spend the majority of their days searching for accidents.

6. Clean Automobiles

Cleaning automobiles like cars and motorcycles is a dirty method to generate money these days as well. After all, it will always be a must for automobile owners, and some choose to pay for servicing in many circumstances.

Going through the interior and exterior aspects of your car might be an easy process. However, performing it for others may necessitate some additional knowledge and skills.

Cleaning chemicals and agents demand precise use and handling, so you’ll need to be knowledgeable with them. Excellent customer service and communication abilities are also advantageous.

You can find car wash or any automobile cleaning job online from

7. Providing Elder Care

This job includes; Doing some house chores and taking care of your elder client. You’ll also take client to medical appointments, and administer his or her medication. Providing elder care may be a dirty way to make money, but the pay is worth it.

One of the best platforms to find elder care jobs online is

Dirty Ways to Make Money by Working with Animals

Animals are wonderful, but they are also messy! Here’s how to get money doing doing animal-related jobs:

1. Grooming Horse

This is a job for people who love horses, as you’ll be required to look after them early in the mornings, evenings, and weekends.

Groomers will be responsible for mucking out stables, grooming horses, and cleaning tack, among other things.

You’ll only get paid between $11,000 and $18,000 a year, but you might get free housing, food, and riding instruction as part of the deal.

2. Lambing

If you enjoy playing with young animals, this may be the job for you. You essentially assist with the delivery of lambs as they are born. Throughout lambing season, you’ll need to be on call because you never know when they’ll show up!

However, keep in mind that the salary isn’t always fantastic, as many of the positions are filled by students seeking experience for their veterinary degrees.

3. Dairy Farming

Dairy farmers’ key responsibilities include milking cows, removing feces, and maintaining barns. Working in unsanitary places and under harsh conditions is a common part of this work.

4. Veterinary Surgeon

Most of us may think that veterinary doctors spend their time snuggling and petting adorable puppies, this is not the case. They are frequently covered with various types of animal excrement, and mud is constantly present when they have to visit farms.

A veterinarian degree takes five years to complete, so it isn’t the quickest method to earn money. It is, however, an excellent job choice for animal lovers.

Dirty Ways to Make Money from Waste Disposal Jobs

Here’s how you can make money from dirty waste disposal jobs:

1. Sewage Inspector

Despite the fact that most wastewater is cleaned with pumps, sewage inspectors may find the process to be unpleasant. Clogging can be caused by discarded products or even tree roots, resulting in raw sewage backup.

2. Refuge Collector

The primary function of refuge collectors is to collect garbage and recyclables from homes and businesses. However, you may be required to work at a garbage recycling facility or run waste compactors.

Your workplace could be dirty, physically hard, and exposed to all types of weather.

While beginning pay are low, roughly £15,000 per year – more experienced refuse workers can make more than £30,000 per year.

Make Money Doing Maintenance Jobs

2. Oil Rig Technician

Not everyone can manage to become an oil rig technician, because it’s a dirty way to make money. The job frequently necessitates 12-hour hours and the capacity to perform strenuous physical labor in confined locations.

3. Plumber

People may need the help of plumbers now and then, so you’re unlikely to go unemployed once you’ve completed your training.

However, it has the potential to become a shambles. Bathrooms, drainage systems, and pipelines are some dirty things you’ll have to deal with.

3. Skeptic Tank Technician

Repairing and cleaning septic tanks and sewer lines is their primary responsibility. This may entail mending any leaks that have appeared or patching a hole in the tank’s wall. In some cases, septic tank professionals will need to install a new tank.

Make Money Tasting Dirty Foods

1. Food Tester

These individuals work in hotels and restaurants and do not cook or perform any other important services. They’re only there to taste the food. Stunt testers are another name for them. Food can only be served to other people after they have tasted it.

2. Pet Food Tester

It’s one of the most intriguing jobs a person could ever have. It’s only a matter of enjoying your pet’s food. They simply taste the dish to see if it is flavorful.

Make Money Wearing Dirty Clothes

1. Dress like a Zombie

This job seems scary and some how creepy. All you have to do in this job is to dress awfully and look unkempt. In other words, you have to dress like a Zombie with the sole purpose of scaring people, especially tourists who need such experience.

However, you can only get this kind of job, if you reside in London and some neighboring country.

Other Dirty Ways to Make Money

1. Armpit Sniffer

This is arguably the dirtiest on the list. The majority of these individuals work for perfume corporations. To determine the effectiveness of a perfume, they smell the armpits of persons before and after using it.

2. Coal Mining

Coal mines are dirty and dark, and they are extremely dangerous to the lungs. Coal mining is one of the world’s most dangerous jobs, requiring workers to work in cramped dark areas, deep underground tunnels, and in hot and humid environments.

3. Embalmer

Dealing with hazardous cleaning chemicals and any illnesses carried by the dead body is a common part of the work. Embalmers come into contact with bodily fluids, blood, and potentially dangerous diseases on a regular basis. Embalmers carefully arrange the body for funeral ceremonies while also adhering to legal regulations.

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