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Many students in Nigeria are searching for the best and simplest ways to make money, whether online or offline. Some parents may find it challenging to maintain the stipend they typically send to their children in school, if Nigeria becomes tougher. Students must therefore prepare for the worst and look for ways to survive. This is the reason I’ve listed the best ways to make money in Nigeria as a student.

Well, there are several things you can do as a student to make money in Nigeria, both online and offline. However I will only list out the best ways based on my experience.

Our top picks

  1. Become a blogger: Best for students in Nigeria who wants to make money online. A lot of students I know are making millions from blogging without any help.
  2. Graphics designing: Best for students who can do graphics design. If you don’t know graphics designing, you can easily learn the skill.
  3. Sell fairy used clothes: The best offline business for students. Fairy used clothes also known as okrika, is the perfect business for making money offline in schools.
  4. Sell photos online: Simple and easiest way to make money as a teenage student online.
  5. Take surveys: Best way for making money as a student for free.
  6. Become a hairdresser: Best way to make money in Nigeria as a female student.
  7. Become a content writer: Best for secondary students in school.

You must be able to hustle legally if you’re a student in Nigeria. It could be done online through a skills or by providing value to people. Blogging is one of the major ways students are using to make money right now. Other ways to earn money includes; starting and monetizing YouTube channel, POS business, Selling pictures online, graphics designing and many more.

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Here are the various ways to make money in Nigeria as a student.

How to make money online in Nigeria as a student

1. Become a blogger

Without being diverted from their academics, students in Nigeria can launch a blog, monetize it, and start earning money. There are countless chances in the blogging industry, and there are numerous ways to monetize your site that will bring in additional money while you sleep or are in class.

All you have to do is to keep providing informative contents on your site, and money will come to you naturally.

Your blog or website will be live on the internet as soon as you purchase a domain name, hosting plan and link them together. There are services that can help you build a website for free even while you lack the funds to purchase a domain.

Here are the various ways to monetize a blog/website and make money in school.

  • Adsense
  • Ezoic
  • Direct advert
  • Adsterra
  • Affiliate marketing

2. Graphics designing

Graphics designing is a perfect online job for students all over the world. Since graphics designers are on demand, all you have to do is learn everything about the skill, then begin to offer them in exchange for money.

Using computer software or hand, graphics designers create virtual designs to communicate ideas, educate or enthrall people. They create the layout and designs for applications such as Magazines, reports, banners, brochures etc.

To make money from this profession, you first of all, have to learn everything about graphics designing and how to start as a beginner. Aside that, you only need to provide a computer/laptop, good internet connection and a graphics designing Software.

After learning the concept of graphics designing, then you can begin to market yourself online. Create a LinkedIn account for your designing business, create a Facebook page for awareness, and also make yourself available offline to get more customers.

Here are the essential places where graphics designers can get new potential customers:

  • People Per Hour
  • Freelancer

3. Become a YouTuber

An average YouTuber earns over $500 monthly, and that would be enough for you as a student in Nigeria. YouTube Incase you don’t know, is a video sharing platform with over 2 billion users. You can upload videos on YouTube and earn money from those videos at the same time.

Here is how it works; first of all, you have to create a YouTube channel, which is very easy. After that, you can start posting videos on the channel, then monetize it and start making money.

4. App development

With a laptop and a good network coverage, you can start developing apps and make money regularly. After creating your app, you can upload them on Google Play Store or App Store.

I have 40 apps and 6 mobile games on both Play Store and App Store, and I earn not less than $500 daily from them. Mind you, I only developed 3 apps myself, then I bought other apps from a platform that sells apps source code.

5. Freelancing

Regardless of where you are attending school, freelancing is a fantastic option to earn money online as a student. When you operate independently from a single boss while providing your skills and experience to a variety of clients, this is known as freelancing. You are your own boss if you work for yourself.

For instance, if you are an excellent content writer, all you need to do is search for freelance websites that provide writing jobs. The platform for freelancing will assist you in finding possible customers who will pay you.

There are several freelancing jobs and tasks available. Find the jobs that suits your skills and start offering them. If you don’t have any skill, then it’s never too late to learn one.

The top freelancing websites you should as a student includes, Upwork Inc, Freelancers, Fiverr, People Per Hour and Toptal.

6. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the use of any social media platform to market, advertise, or make sales. Powerful platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok can help you reach more potential clients and make sales.

For example, you can buy a fashionable wristwatch that people would like. After purchasing the watch, you can proceed to make a Facebook page. Keep in mind that the page name needs to be relevant to the merchandise you’re offering.

On your Facebook page, post images of the watch and a succinct but attractive review of it. After that, pay Facebook to promote the post. The impressions and leads you receive later on will surprise you.

7. Content writer

There are several organizations and companies looking for content writers. As a student, you can easily pick up this profession and start making money from it. Content writing is pretty much easier than some other online jobs, it is all about writing articles related to a certain niche or general topic and getting paid for it.

As a content writer, you can earn from $500 up to $3000 monthly. There are several legitimate content writing platforms, but as a beginner, you should start with either Opera News Hub or

8. Web designing/development

Web designers or developers are people who create and design any kind of website, and they’re paid handsomely. As a student, you can learn web designing and development and start offering the service.

An average web designer in Nigeria earns above ₦200,000 monthly. As a student you can pick up the web designing opportunity and start making money.

9. Programming/coding

Coding also known as programming, is one of the most difficult online jobs out there. But if it’s learnt and done properly, you’ll never regret it. Programming is all about writing/creating softwares or an application by giving computer a certain instruction.

Programmers are highly on demand, and they are paid handsomely. If you know how to write codes with programming languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, c and and C++, then you can start offering the service on service Clickworker and People Per Click.

10. Publish ebooks online

Are you looking for ways to make money even when you’re sleeping? Then self publishing of ebooks online is what you should consider. This ebook business has helped a lot of students, so why should you be left out?

This online business is all about creating helpful and interesting digital books and publishing them online. There are online book stores that will help you sell your ebooks.

Online stores like Amazon Kindle Store, Smashword, Kobo Inc and Okadabooks all have millions of ebook readers waiting for your books.

All you have to do is to create an ebook online MS Word, publish it on an ebook store, set your prise, then let the online store to handle the rest. At the end of the month, your royalties will be sent to you.

How to make money offline in Nigeria as a student

1. POS business

Known as the best offline business with small start-up capital, POS business has proven to be one of the best ways to make money as a student. As a student, you can make between ₦6,000 to ₦11,000 daily from POS business, depending on your location.

POS business is all about helping customers to withdraw, receive transfer money from their account without visiting the bank. POS agent make their profit from the charge fee on every transaction performed by the customers from withdrawal to recharging.

2. Mini importation

Mini importation is a small scale business suitable for students. Despite the little capital it requires, it can still generate huge income.

Mini importation, also known online importation is a small scale business that involves buying goods oversees from manufacturers at cheaper rate, and selling them costly in your country.

Since mini importation is a small scale business, the kind of products you can import and sell are limited. In other words, products that cost much are not considered in this business. You can only import mini items like phones accessories, kitchen itwems,and affordable fashionables.

You should read how to start mini importation in Nigeria.

3. Recharge card printing business

You’re definitely missing out, if you’re a student in Nigeria, and you’re not into recharge card printing business. Recharge card (Airtime) is one of the most wanted commodity in Nigeria. As a student, you can take this opportunity and start making money in school.

There are materials that allows you generate and print out airtime pins. Get those materials and start printing your own recharge cards

After that, you can supply the recharge cards to shops near you. You can also sell on retail to increase income.

4. Photocopy and printing business

Printing and photocopying can be a lucrative side business for students.

By making photocopies for other students in their dorms, you can make a sizable income.

Nigerian students photocopy or print off various materials on a daily basis, including everything from first-year clearance documents to lecture notes.

By making photocopies and printing for students, you can also earn money.

For the business, you will require a reliable printer. Purchase a printer that is affordable to run.

Put your poster near the hostel’s entrance for advertising purposes. Don’t forget to include your room number.

5. Assist with registration

You can charge for your services in order to assist students with the registration procedure, which every student must eventually complete.

Some of your employees may be familiar with the process, but they would rather not go through the hassle of enrolling.

You can act as their representative and get paid for it.

Additionally, you’ll be able to help freshmen students register for classes more swiftly.

6. Sell fairy used clothes

Students are very concerned with appearance and want to look their best at all times. If you buy in bulk and resale your products at a discount, the majority of college students will be able to afford your products.

7. Photography

despite the fact that we all have cellphones with decent pictures. For birthdays and other occasions, students are often eager to have their photo taken in a studio.

You have the chance to earn money as a student photographer. Events like matriculation and convocation ceremonies allow for photography.

Nigerian pupils would constantly desire a professional photograph for their memorable occasions. This explains why the photographic industry is successful.

8. Organizing tutoring class

You can make money while a student by teaching. If you are knowledgeable about a subject, you could instruct your schoolmates in it or teach the younger kids nearby.

If you are unable to find a tutor in your region, consider online tutoring programs. It will be intriguing to observe how eager individuals are to learn and how willing they are to pay for a skill you already have.

9. House painting and cleaning

There are instances when college students need assistance with painting and cleaning their new flats. You can provide these services and get paid for doing so. Students who can afford it and love to live in attractive-looking flats will definitely pay for it if you are also skilled at creating unique wall pattern designs using paint.

10. Music DJ services

On Nigerian university and polytechnic campuses, music DJs are in high demand.

All during the semester, a DJ’s services are required. There is never a school event without a DJ in attendance.

You name it: a formal event, a matriculation, a formal supper, an inaugural talk, etc.

The goal of a DJ’s performance is to liven up the event or party.

Getting a collection of current and classic songs is the first step to becoming a DJ on campus.

To pursue DJ engagements, you’d also need to acquire the required gear.

The best aspect is that you can start a DJ business without investing in any equipment.

You can accomplish this by leasing equipment and making settlement payments after each job.

How to make money online in Nigeria as a student for free (without investment)

1. Affiliate marketing

You will be promoting the goods of other people (or businesses) in exchange for a commission on each sale you make. Social media can be used for this; you don’t even need to have a website.

For those of you who only see the likes on your Facebook images as a perk, making you feel “important,” you can actually sell goods to your enormous following and earn money that will have a genuine positive influence on your life.

2. CPA marketing

Cost per action marketing (CPA), involves partnering with brands to help then promote thier products and services for a commission.

If you join any CPA program, you’ll be given a unique code to paste on your website or social media platform.

When anyone uses your CPA link to take an action (eg, submit email, register or download), then you’ll be paid a commission. For example, if someone uses your unique link to submit their email or register on the CPA brand, you will be paid a commission between $0.40 and $5.

Here are the list of the best CPA marketing programs:

  • A4D
  • Convert2media
  • Adworkmedia
  • MaxBounty

3. Take surveys

Taking surveys for companies is one of the easiest ways to make money for free as a student. All you have to do is answer some questions or complete a short task and get paid.

No start-up capital is required for this, everything is totally free. To start taking surveys,you have to identify a survey site suitable for you and sign up.

Here are some survey apps/sites you can try;

  • Swagbucks – Best for students who reside in the US and Europe.
  • Toluna – Best for all students.
  • Triaba – One of the highest paying survey sites.
  • surveytime –Best survey platform for Nigerians.
  • Premise app
  • Ysense

You should also read the tricks to make over $300 taking surveys on Premise app.

4. Sell photos online

You can earn free cool cash selling your photos, or photos of your environment online. There are companies willing to pay you to get some pictures on your gallery.

If you’re a student, then do not let this opportunity slide out. You can earn $1 and above for a single picture. All you have to do is take beautiful pictures of your environment, fashionables and other items and sell them online.

You can sell photos online to the below platforms;

  • Dreamstime
  • Alamy
  • Shutterstock

5. Watch videos/ads and get paid

You can earn money for free watching short videos and ads on platforms like InboxDollars, AdWallet and MyPoint. However, you’ll be the one to provide the data for watching the short videos.

The interesting thing about watching short video ads online is you don’t need to pay anything to begin with, and your earnings will be deposited to your account free of charge.

6. Sell your feet pics online

Do you know there are companies that want your feet pictures? These companies are also ready to pay you just to have them. However, you need a good camera to do this.

Selling your feet pics is a great way to make for free with much stress. So what are you waiting for?

As a student, you can sell your feet pictures on platforms like Instafeet, Feetify, and Etsy.

7. Review apps on Play Store

As a student who want to make money for free, you can review apps on app stores and get paid for it. You don’t have to pay anything to start, this job only needs your time and patience

Platforms Like ReviewStream and UserTesting from $1 and above to review an app.

8. Participate in online competition

There are a lot of online competitions going Right now on the internet. These competitions are carried out by celebrities and brands in other to publicize their products, services and songs.

You can participate in any of the competitions that suites you and win free money. These competitions are carried out on social media, most especially Instagram and TikTok.

All you have to do is visit Instagram or TikTok and search for latest competitions through trending hash tags.

How to make money as a female student in Nigeria

1. Become a hairdresser

On university and polytechnic campuses, hairdressing is a lucrative industry. It is a successful approach for students to make money.

I am aware of numerous colleagues that work as hairdressers to support themselves in the dorm.

The desire for beauty among female students persists in Nigeria despite the dire economic situation.

Women enjoy sporting the newest braids and accessories.

Making hair for women in your dorm or off-campus resort earns you a respectable wage.

The truth is that a lot of hairdressers in school acquired their knowledge before coming to campus.

Therefore, you can learn hairdressing online if you lack the necessary skills.

But the best course of action is to acquire hair plaiting skills over the holidays.

2. Event planner

An individual who prepares the setup and schedule of an event is known as an event planner. They control how an event is put together.

Now more than ever, every event demands a planner.

Become an event planner at your school to earn money.

Get instruction from an event planning company to learn the ins and outs of the industry.

3. Become a baker

Baking pestering is one of the most profitable businesses suitable for students. If you’re a female student, you can start this business and make money.

Female students who enjoy eating cupcakes should believe me. Almost no woman at school celebrates her birthday without baking a cake.

Cutting of cake is a crucial aspect of every celebration in school.

There must be a cake cutting at every occasion on campus.

4. Ushering services

Students now frequently use the ushering service to make money while attending school.

In the higher institution, ushering services are required for every occasion.

At events, ushers direct attendees to their seats. During an event, they make sure that everything is prepared and arranged.

On campus, getting a job as an usher is simple.

You can sign up for a school ushering organization. You can also plan the work and organize others to help.

The best benefit of ushering services is that you will receive several freebies in addition to payment.

5. Home tutoring

Home tutoring is means to make money as a female student during the holiday.

You can offer to organize lesson tutorials for kids in your area.

Many parents like the idea of undergraduate tutoring their kids for examinations. They trust that you can impact knowledge in their children. 

During the holiday, go to the homes of parents in your neighbourhood. 

Pitch your proposal of tutoring their kids on tough subjects. 

6. Modeling

Nigerian students can make money by modeling while they are in school.

The SUG, Faculty, and Department arrange beauty pageants at the conclusion of each term.

The winners of beauty pageants receive cash and gifts.

You can also try out for pageants held inside or outside of your school.

Winning a beauty pageant competition might become a breakthrough for you.

For several of the most prestigious international organizations in Nigeria, you can become an ambassador. Get endorsement deals left and right as well.

7. Become a makeups artist

In Nigeria, makeup artists are becoming well-known on college campuses. If you are skilled in makeup, it is a skill that can earn you a lot of money.

There must be one birthday party, dinner night, or other event in the hostel.

Women enjoy dressing up for these important events. Usually, they wish to atone for the birthday picture shoot.

Being a make up artist does not require much advertising, which is the interesting part.

For example, you can start by doing nails and applying makeup for free. After other ladies must have seen your good work, then you can start charging. You

How to make money in school (Secondary student)

1. Become an Opera News Hub Creator

As a student in school, you can become an Opera News Hub creator and start making money every month. However, you must know how to write an article before participating.

Opera News Hub is a content writing platform, where users are Allowed to write contents in other to make money. All articles will be published on the Opera news app and Opera Mini.

Writers are paid per their article click, and on the 15th of every month, their money will be deposited into their accounts.

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2 write on Medium

On Medium, there is an ever-increasing demand for writers. Not even being an authority on the subject you’re writing about is necessary.

If you’re looking to start making money online, posting your writings on blogs or websites like Medium or Blogger may provide you access to writing jobs that pay a little wage.

You can make money by charging for your writing services on freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiver.

3. Become a skit maker

Another way to make money as a student is to become a skit maker. Skit makers are people who usually create funny contents.

As a student, you can start with your phone, and as you start making money, you can upgrade to quality camera. Skit makers are making millions here in Nigeria, you can also join this opportunity.

4. Write notes and do assignments for students

Writing notes and doing assignments for other students is another good idea that can fetch you money while in school. There are some lazy students that don’t like writing notes or assignments in schools. You can offer to write for them in exchange for money

Other ways to make money as a student in Nigeria

1. Trade cryptocurrency

The economy is changing, and those who can adjust quickly and welcome change will stand to gain significantly when some doors close and others open.

Everyone can now access blockchain technology and decentralized financial systems.

Both of these are fantastic choices for students who wish to work on the side and yet achieve decent grades.

There are options for computer literacy levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

Everyone has a position in the cryptocurrency universe.

Use websites such as Binance, Coinbase, Remittano, HaggleX,, Luno, and Paxful to transact.

2. Computer/phone repairer

Aside coding and developing softwares on computers, you can still become a computer or phone repairer. It doesn’t cost much to start this business.

To start this business, you need to learn how to repair phone or laptop, depending on the ga

3. Barbing salon

Making money at school involves cutting classmates’ hair in the dorm. By providing haircuts for a reasonable price, you can advertise your barbering services. Many college students conduct this business in their hostel rooms.

The difficulty with this industry is that many student barbers lack the skills necessary to cut hair expertly.

However, if you can cut hair well, you’ll attract a lot of customers.

Get the following items for your hostel’s barbershop; a wall mirror, a small generator, a clipper, a sterilizer, scissors, a comb, and a professional barber’s duster brush.

You may manage your barbershop business from your hostel. You can then hire a shop for the business if you’ve reached a certain milestone.

4. Become an electrician

You can become an electrician and still make good amount of money for your education.

Look for an experienced electrician and learn the work from him or her. After that, you can advertise yourself to your fellow students. Anytime they have an electrical Issue, they will call you to help them fix it in exchange for money.

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