Looking for a way to reload a used recharge card (Airtime) twice on your device? This post will show you how to trick MTN and other network providers and obtain free airtime for calls, browsing, and other activities.

This strategy allows you to load a single MTN recharge card twice without encountering a “Pin Already Used” problem. However, this strategy is old but gold.

The trick is to dial 5550000 together with the recharge card’s last 8 digits’ pin and #, then press send.

After that, dial *555* and enter the recharge card’s 12-digit pin and # then press send/ok. For example, if the airtime pin is 2222 6666 5555 1111, add *555*2222666655551111# and press send.

It will undoubtedly enter twice.

A lot of people have been using this method to get double recharge and data for their various businesses and online activities.

If this method doesn’t work for you, then their are other methods that can actually work on your network.

Below are the tricks to reload already used cards on every network including; Airtel, MTN, Gloria and 9mobile.

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Other ways to reload used recharge card both on MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile

Here are other tricks you can use to reload used MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile recharge cards. In other words, you can recharge them twice.

Here’s the first trick:

Two identical phones, with the same network sims, and a recharge card in any value are required.

When you want to send, enter the pin from your recharge card into both phones. The two phones will both accept the card.

The trick is that the two phones you used to load that one credit were identical, had the same server, network signal, operating roaming, and version, and had no other differences.

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Here’s the second trick:

  • Obtain a used recharge card and write down the first, sixth, seventh, and twelfth digits.
  • Multiply the 1sth and the 6th.
  • If they are more than 10, write out the lead digit. For example, 52 is the number, use 5 as the second number.
  • multiply the sixth digit by 5 and then record the lead digit.

In the following step, start with the seventh digit and then continue the process until you have the missing fifth digit;

Example below:

Say the 1st[3], 6th[2], 7th[5], and 12[7] results will be as follows.

the reloadable credit card 361242532177 (already used)

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