Looking to borrow a payday loan online with a bad credit? The trick is to request loans from platforms that accepts bad credit with fast approval

I have been using this method to get loans with poor credit for my business and emergency needs, and I have never encountered any issue.

This approach helped me get over $200,000 loans from five different loan lending platforms with bad credit in one month.

I also got approved for over $33,000 within that same period, with a poor credit score.

People frequently ask me if they can get a payday loan even when they have bad credit, and I always say yes! With the top lenders, obtaining a payday loan online is highly possible.

The internet has made it possible for me, you, and everyone else with negative credit to apply for payday loans online, with approval guaranteed, for amounts ranging from $500 to $35,000.

You could require a personal loan at times, and you might not. That’s how life is! But a poor credit score shouldn’t be a barrier if you really need an emergency loan. That is the major reason I made this article to put an end to bank and bad credit shame.

Here are the best online payday loans for bad credit with fast approval.

1. MoneyMutual

Known as the people’s choice for online payday loan, MoneyMutual has proved to be the best lender that offers online payday loan with bad credit. With payday loan, you don’t need to worry about credit score.

Another reason people love MoneyMutual is that, it’s safe and secure. With this platform, you don’t need to worry about getting scammed. People always ask me if the platform is legitimate. Yes! MoneyMutual is legitimate, and it’s trusted by millions of users.

It provides loan with guaranteed approval with wasting time, everything about this platform is done instantly .

You can borrow payday loans starting from $200 up to $5000 on MoneyMutual, and the loan will be deposited to your account instantly as little as 24 hours.

Other key informations and features

1. Number of users: Over 2,000,000+ trusted customers worldwide.

2. Minimum & Maximum loan you can borrow: You can borrow the minimum of $100 and the maximum of $5000

3. How much it cost to use MoneyMutual: There is no cost/hidden cost to use MoneyMutual.

4. The required credit score needed to apply for a loan: MoneyMutual doesn’t check credit score. Rather, most lenders will take proof of your monthly income to approve you for a loan.

5. How long it takes to receive loan: You can receive your money from your lender within 24 hours.

6. Repayment terms: According to MoneyMutual, you pay back when you receive your next salary.

7. MoneyMutual lenders: There are over 60 reliable lenders in the platform..

MoneyMutual review

Is MoneyMutual.com legit?: Yes, MoneyMutual is a legitimate payday loan lender. It’s safe, secured and trusted by over 2,000,000 customers.

Does MoneyMutual charge any fees?: MoneyMutual does not charge any fee, and there is no hidden charges when you use the platform.

Does MoneyMutual do a credit check?: Itdoes not do any credit check, but some of its lenders may issue credit check.

Is MoneyMutual a direct lender?: It is not a direct lender, but it has over 60 lenders on the platform.

How to use MoneyMutual: How it works

  • Visit MoneyMutual.com.
  • Apply for loan: Click the get started.
  • Provide your information: Fill in the form provided to you to send your information to MoneyMutual’s reliable lenders.
  • Wait for lenders to review: Your application will be reviewed and approved instantly.
  • Receive your loan: Your money will be deposited to your account.


  • Reliable payday loan lenders.
  • The platform is safe and secure.
  • Best payday loan for bad credit.


  • Not a direct lender.
  • The lenders in the platform make the decision on your application.

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2. BadCreditLoans

Badcreditloans.com is the best payday loan for bad credit. This platform has been around for a long time, and has helped a lot of people with instant Payday loans at critical times.

How much money do you want to borrow? With Badcreditloans, you can borrow a payday loan up to $10,000. Don’t worry, the service is completely free. This means, you don’t need to pay for any application, unlike other lenders.

Further more, this lending platform provides you with privacy, security and 24/7 service. It also offers guaranteed approval of payday loans.

Other key informations and features

1. Minimum/maximun loan you can borrow: You can borrow the minimum of $100 and maximum of $10,000 of a loan.

2. How much it cost to use Badcreditloans?: Unlike some other loan lenders, Badcreditloans is 100% free.

4. How long it takes to receive loans?: You will receive your loan instantly after approval.

3. Required credit score needed to get a loan on Badcreditloans: Badcreditloans does not check credit score, but its lenders probably will. However, it is good for people with bad credits.

5. Repayment period: According to Badcreditloans.com, loan products usually have a minimum of 90 days repayment period and a maximum of 72 month repayment period, depending on your loan.

Is Badcreditloans a good company?: Badcreditloans is very good company that offers loans immediately.

Is Badcreditloans.com legit? Badcreditloans is a legitimate platform with good reputation.

Does Badcreditloans check credit score?: Badcreditloans don’t check credit score. However, its lenders may check your credit and some may just want to know about your monthly income.

How to use Badcreditloans

  • Visit Badcreditloans.com.
  • Make sure you’re 18+.
  • Apply for a loan.
  • Badcreditloans will connect you to a lender instantly.
  • Get your loan.


  • 24/7 security and support.
  • Interest rate is small.
  • Better repayment term.


  • The requirements is strict.

3. PersonalLoans.com

PersonalLoans.com is the best platform to get higher loans starting from $1000 minimum. If you need money badly and you have a bad credit, then you may need PersonalLoans.

Its website is beginner friendly. This means, you can navigate around the site easily online. Above all, PersonalLoans.com offers all kinds of loans with average interest rate.

Some key informations and features

1. Minimum and maximum loan you can borrow: You can request the minimum of $1000 to the maximum of $35,000 on PersonalLoans.

2. Cost of service: The service is completely free. You will not pay for any application.

3. Minimum and maximum APR: PersonalLoans.com offers the minimum APR of 5.99% and the maximum rate of 35.99% depending on your loan.

4. Required credit score to borrow a loan: PersonalLoans is the best loan for bad credit.

5. Loan arrival: After approval, you will receive your loan within 24 hours working day.

6. Repayment terms: Loans from PersonalLoans has the minimum repayment period of 3 months and the maximum period of 72 months.

How to get a loan on PersonalLoans

  • Visit PersonalLoans.com.
  • On the website, click ‘get started.’
  • fill in the online form.
  • Wait for approval.
  • Your loan will be deposited to your account.


  • You can request loan over $30,000
  • Service is completely free
  • Site is simple and easy to navigate


  • You can’t borrow below $1000

4. Avant

Known as the best lender for fast loan approval. Avant is fast and better than well known person loan lenders. As a matter of fact, checking your eligibilityon Avast.com does not affect your credit score.

Some key informations and features

1. Minimum and maximum loan you can borrow: On Avant.com, you can borrow $2000 up to $35,000 maximum.

2. Cost of service: Avant.com is totally free.

3. Minimum and maximum APR: Avant.com offers the minimum of 9.95% and the maximum rate of 35.99%.

4. Required credit score needed to apply for a loan: Minimum credit score of 580 to qualify for a loan.

5. Loan arrival: It take one working day for you to receive your loan from Avant.

6. Repayment terms: Your repayment period depend on the loan you applied for.


Legitimacy: Avant is a legitimate personal loan lender that millions of people count on.

How to apply for a loan on Avant

  • Visit Avant.com
  • Apply for a loan
  • Fill in the form shown to you
  • Allow lenders to review your form for approval
  • Receive the loan instantly


  • Longer repayment term
  • Instant approval of loan
  • Service is totally free on Avant


  • May take more than one day for your loan to be deposited in your account.

5. CashUSA

Known as the number one for Bad credit loans in the USA. CashUSA is a free lending platform that offers different loan, including payday loans, for borrowers with bad credit.

CashUSA is not available for Americans alone. This means you can still borrow money from this lending platform where ever you are,as far as you have a permanent resident in the USA.

Some key informations and features

1. Minimum and maximum loan you can borrow: You can borrow from $500 up to $10,000 online on CashUSA.

2. Cost of service: The cost of service is free on CashUSA.

3. Minimum and maximum APR: The offering rate of 5.99 minimum and 35.99 maximum.

4. Required credit score:

5. Loan Arrival: Your loan will arrive within 24 hours.

6. Repayment terms: Repayment period is between 90 days to 72 months, depending on your specific loan and qualification.


  • Fast guaranteed approval
  • Cash will be deposited to your account fast
  • No embarrassment of any kind


  • You must be a US citizen or have permanent resident before you can apply for a loan.
  • You must atleast earn a steady income of $1000 after tax.
  • You must have a checking account in your name.

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